Ancient Necropsy - 'Sepulchral Profanation' (2015) |Ultimos Discos, Bandas Colombianas

Ancient Necropsy - Sepulchral Profanation (2015) |Bandas Colombianas

Ancient Necropsy Bandas Colombianas
Ancient Necropsy - 'Sepulchral Profanation' (2015) Sello discografico 'A-n Records'|Discos de Bandas de Metal & Rock Colombianas.
1.Echoes Of Repulsion 03:27
2.Eternal Rest Interference 03:49
3.Forces Of Evil 02:36
4.Inert Matter 01:38
5.Sepulchral Profanation 02:10
6.Invisible Sin 03:34
7.The Last Word Spoken 04:02
8.Nebular 02:56
9.Serenity After The Tragedy 02:38
10.Synarchy At Solar Temple Lodges 04:02
11.Eradication Of The Sacred Doctrine 03:40
12.Occult, Mysticism And Esoteric Hallucinations (instrumental) 05:14
Iv Ancient Guitarra, Voz, Bajo, Bateria (como Iv Ancient J)