Reptile - 'Solid Metal Rules' (2016) |Ultimos Discos, Bandas Colombianas

Reptile - Solid Metal Rules (2016) |Bandas Colombianas

Reptile Bandas Colombianas
Reptile - 'Solid Metal Rules' (2016) Sello discografico 'Stormspell Records (USA)'|Discos de Bandas de Metal & Rock Colombianas.
1. Wake Up Fool !!!
2. Luciferian Street Killer
3. Solid Metal Rules
4. Reptile (The Science of The Great Serpent)
5. Ancient Lizard (Instrumental)
6. Pagans
7. Sweet Smell of Hell
8. Waves of Desolation

BAND: Reptile
GENRE: Evil Heavy Metal
COUNTRY: Colombia
LOCATION: Pasto (Nario)
ALBUM: Solid Metal Rules

A.S.Moon: Rithm Guitars and Voices
T.Vincent Damon: Drums
Toro S Bullet: Bass and Backing Vocals
Alexxx Dark Bullet: Lead Guitars

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gabriel Ortiz at Bizarre Records Entertainment
Except drums, recorded at Estudio Master by Ariel Ferrn.
San Juan de Pasto Nario Colombia
Reptile - 2016
Subido en:2016-10-03 18:12:42 por Fernando Santander

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