Lyrics de Athanator - Perfect Enemy del album The Perfect Enemy(2006)

Athanator - Perfect Enemy

In the night
From your mind
I've come to claim your fall

Moonlight shines
Screaming fates
I flow trough violent thoughts

Know my name
Purge your sins
You'll see yourself in me

Turn around
Take a look
The image of growing hate

Come to me
Let me nest in you
Im the wish, your so called god

(Chorus) I'm the echoes of your anger
Your darkest call, the mirror in your dreams
I'm the perfect Enemy
I'm your darkest wishes
The one that bought your soul and took your peace.

Sewers of life
Blood is drained
Flames begin to fade

Freedoms gates
Lost in shame You're caged without escape
(Now I have your soul)