Letra de Butchery's Fields (Let The Bastards Kill Themselves) de la banda Mindly Rotten del álbum The Most Exquisite Agonies (2009)

Mindly Rotten - Butchery's Fields (Let The Bastards Kill Themselves)

Is not hard to see what
The bestial murders happens
in the lands where mind
corruption and rottenness reigns,
where irrationalism and hypocrisy are the law.
where the bastards still killing themselves
to make the blood flood trough fields of butchery.

I saw among the excited crowd
a slaughtered man bound hands at his back.
he had several stabs from head to toe,
and a hole in his face that let me see
inside him .

when a dying and bleeding corpse appears at my sight,
and I saw pieces of chopped bones lying on the floor
beside a mutilated finger and a butchered dying body

the darkness of night become deep bloody red
silence turn to screams of sorrow and agony

because he has several deep machetazos,
one of his ears cut and getting
inside his pierced head, his arms were not able
to be raise cause they were hanging of the skin
and its bones brutality broken.

Amputated limbs, blood, countless stabs And the odor
of a decomposing race are all around so
Let the bastards kill themselves in the butcherys fields