Letra de On The Supreme Legions (Against Falling Humanity) de la banda Mindly Rotten del álbum The Most Exquisite Agonies (2009)

Mindly Rotten - On The Supreme Legions (Against Falling Humanity)

Countless piles of dying bodies,
Sight and sign of coming changes

You shall use your knownledge of power
against falling humanity to deserve becoming part
of the future´s supreme legion

Large lines of meek slaves patiently waiting
for the end of their useless life
All around the world

A new blood will reign this world
A breed that wont be subdue
And do not want to subdue

Pick up your weapons loaded with wisdom
To destroy them and conquering again
our throne in this lands

Endless wrath and power
handling blades That still trembling
and will become the strength to reign

all those not enough strong to survive
and help creating a new breed
shall be exclude of it

¡ the time has come!