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Necro Raw Unholy Black Metal Horned from Bogota D.C., Colombia. Maledictvm released in April / 2007, an example of the truly antichristian war, enfoqued in Satanic Supremacy made Raw, pure and heretical venom for the christian suffering. The War march of the Black Legions from the South American abbys, invockes the must apostaic and wicked hymn, litany from the deep scream of battle, directly from the antichristian colombian front, Inspired by the high wisdom rite demoniac of the Satanic Raw.
Camilo Peña (Bestial Assault - Vocals)
David Vèlez (Dominante Avernalis - Lead Guitars)
German Parrado (Notus CCC - Drums and Percution)
Camilo Carrascal (Shub Niggurath - Bass)
Video de la banda colombiana Maledictvm Avernalis.