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Satanic monkeys is a band that was born 3 years ago retaking some songs from anal rage which was the first name of tha band.The origin of that was basically benjamin in the guitars and Mike in the vocal...the band first used to play with drum machineand played with the name of fagbasher but later on of some shows the band started to play with Stinky in the drums and the name was decided in Cap Spaulding with some bers and was decided the name of SATANIC MONKEY .It mean that a monkys is that metal head hat use to wear the hair untidy and also alway ys asking for money in the streer in order to buy the chepest liquor ever drunk--.---- .With a new drummer the band took the guide line of dethcore and brutal death playing with influences like aseesino, fear factory , brujeria and some u.s.a slamming bands.Also the band is supported by TRiKy the monkey who play the samples intros and tracks... The band has recorded one demo presenting 4 brutal songs using influence techno and death core...The satanic monkeys have played in different shows like gutural fest in neiva, hard core fest in ibague and others...... Nowday the band has a new bass player ..don camilo completing the Satanic monkeys army..........the band now has in mind begin to record its first proffessional CD. It will be surely one display of ultra violence and blood..... SaTaNiC MOnKeYs RuLeS iN thE fUcKiNg JuNgLe.....3 3 3 MiguEl Angel...A.K.A. FaGBaShEr vLADIMIR.......A.K.A. sTINKY MONKEY bENJAMIN ......A.K.A. tHE GENT DoN CaMiLo....A.K.A.
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