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Internal Suffering
Cyclonic Void The Power
Magical nature, spellbound bolt of Wisdom – Mystical doctrine!
Untouched by the wreck of worlds or the pass of… Aeons!
Great Old Ones, influences from the Outside… Venus!
Cosmic cataclysms, empyrean catastrophes… State of duality!

The Window, the Portal… Magick of the Old Ones!
Ma… connected to the Deep Ones through… Capricorn!
The Makara!
Aeon of Maat – Egyptian Kep… Typhonian Sanctuary!
Unseen earth!
Cosmic Qabalah, V is their number… Outer Ones!
Misty Phase!

Cyclonic Void Of Power!

Forgotten Gate through which Ancient Forces approach to the…
Land of the Living!
Materialized entities, drowned into man’s consciousness…
Amenta! The Hidden Zone!
Concealed mysteries of the mysterious, magical Mauve Zone…
Far away from terrestrial vision!
Unfolded whirlwind chasm from the nebula that merges into the…
Obscured sphere!

Cyclonic Void Of Power!

Vanished turmoil within the mist… Crimson ocean!
Pandemonium enthralls Ch-AOS… the Sigil of Aossic!
Gaze of the unenlightened… Perennially enshrouded!
Marked pentacle concealed… The Child is Set!

Hellion of united sorcerers… nature of the whirlwind abyss!
Pure mind, free of thought, symbolized by the Moon… Belithan!

Most commanding magical evocation alive… Kotha!
Outer Gateways to… other dimensions! - The Hollow One!

One with eternity, inward the… Cyclonic Void of Power!

Tomado del álbum Cyclonic Void Of Power que salió a finales de 2015 con el sello discográfico Unique Leader Records.


Grabado, mezclado y masterizado en 16th Cellar Studios, Roma (Italia) por Stefano Morabito.

Baterías y voces grabadas en Gonna Rec Studios, Madrid (España) por Nano Castro

Producido por Stefano Morabito.

Video lírico de Diego Alonso. Imágenes de fondo proporcionadas por Ta_keup (NO la portada del álbum).

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