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The beginning of the band goes back to late 1997 and early 1998.
-The band that was created was called without fate. the first songs had a unique hard rock style.
-Time went by, and only in 1999 the band takes a serious path trying to find some gigs. In this year, Juan Giraldo and David Arana decide to work on a trash-death metal project called SARGATANA which responds to the musical demands of the founder members.
-In the year 2002, the band decides to record a demo-tape which included 6 songs (those that were craftier). This was made in Hard Rock Studios. This demo-tape rests in the personal files of each member, because it’s not a good piece of work to present.

In March 30 of the same year we had our first good gig in La Casa Teatro in Bello. The audience was pretty receptive and showed a lot of energy.

-In early 2003, the band search for new members.
-Juan Ospina showed up and he demonstrated us why he had to be in the band. Immediately he became a great friend.
-We asked Ubeymar Arbeláez to fill in the bass spot in the group. He accepted immediately. At this moment, the band has this line-up, which has maintained solid through time.

-The debut of the actual line-up was in Universidad Nacional in Medellín, on four of July. The backline was excellent, the audience was great. It didn’t matter that the show started at 3 pm.
-At the end of 2003 the band takes trip to Barranquilla to appear in a gig along Whichtrap on December 21. This show convinced us that solid line-up that maintains good communication between the members can make great music. The people from the north of our country fell in love with it.
-On April 2 of 2005 we played in El Aula Múltiple of Rionegro, with Masacre and Athanator. This gig was and is the best that we had. Everything was great, the organization, the audience, head bangers everywhere. Everyone sang our songs and our covers.
-On July 30 we participated on the Metal Fest in El Peñol with Athanator and other bands.
This gig was great too because many people knew our work already and supported us. We were the band that put everyone off their chairs and made them move their heads.

On September 27 we recorded a live session demo in 60 decibles Studios. This demo is called double headed force

At the end of 2006 the band finally after almost 10 years starts recording his first cd which calls FROM GREED TO FEAR and his throwing will be already in 2007

In the present time the band is looking for a RECORD LABEL


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