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The Remembrance
(A tale from missing spheres)

The dragons of our souls are sleeping-
Sleep that wakes not for our weeping.

Was a time a gorgeous dream,
A glorious shine inside of all the things,
Light of lights
Grace revealed in triumphal flames down sky
Thagliar-thaglas winds and sea
(Woeful shades) (Pilgrims-ones)
Fire, green fire essence and root
Dragon breathes split upon the candles of our souls
That brought to us the joy... Joy to the heart
The bliss in the soul, bliss into the soul
My place of dancing nymphs, glorious queens
Which lining anthems to the gates unknown,
Fly at sound of lyres and flutes of gold
Euloying me, wishing my coming.
Thagliar - thaglas:
...was just a glimpse of lost yore
A dark eclipse of my wounds
Sad song of thorns, drowned
It's my throe, their morbid desire,
Black tears in their eyes
And I’m faded twilight that slowly sighs.
Sometimes i close my eyes
And i can hear,
Can hear the voice which rise me up...
To my occult dreams source
I remember her, with infinite sadness, cry
Her name... Lonely!
Now i walk alone among this earth,
With the solitude in my own,
My beloved dreams have unfurled its darkest
And have flown... Far, far of me, far away from me,
They won't return
As they, my dragon flew, leaving me, forsaken
Lost in despair
As a candle-soul in the wind.
Winds and sea: "...
Thagliar - thaglas:
Hear my chant,
Here's my soul wandering, great is my pain
And my fear, hear my tears calling to you
Only you will stop this cry.
Light of lights
Light me!
Only you got the flame, the lair of flesh desires
That my soul desire.
Tore me mortuary dwelling, this hated body,
Blind these eyes and wake this mind
Release me, bring me death,
Wearied my soul exists,
Torture and relief, destroy the carnal cape
Of my prisoner spirit and let it...
Let it flow beside you, to the crimson lake
Where i belong to the reveries paths
Where all began!
Where never grief wakes me, there i won't wake
Please leave me
From here...
Drown me in perpetual sleeps to the afterglow
Dead feeling (possess me)
Release me (of this life) that i abhor.
Bethesor: "...
Thagliar - thaglas:
Wield thy scepter, spill on me,
Nephente marooned, i still believe
And there they'll wait for me.

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