The 4 Best Colombian Punk Bands Today

The 4 Best Punk Bands in Colombia Today.

By Julian Escudero. Last Updated: Spanish Version of this page.
Fertil Miseria
fertilmiseria Bandas de punk hardcore
Fertil Miseria is a band of Colombian Punk , it was founded in the year of 1990 in Medellin and has female members and a male guitarist. Its Punk and his social proposal has managed to set foot in several cities throughout Colombia as well as outside it. This ...
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Punk Hardcore, Medellín.
Label: Independiente (sin Piedadrecords), Radikal Punkore
(17 hours, August, 23, 2019.)

Latidos De Ciudad (2007) Desplazados (2005) Reaccion (1996) Cadenas (1994) 
Vicky Castro (Vocals).
Juan Londoño (Guitars), Fe Nefasta(Guitars.).
Carlos Durango (Guitars).
Piedad Castro (Bass).
Edwin Cortez (Drums).
Nacion Criminal
nacioncriminal Bandas de Punk
Nacion Criminal is a punk band that has been going on for a course of 6 years. This band is a strong demonstration of what gender punk can do, coupled with some personal taste on the part of its members. Nothing of radicalism is one of the messages that deliver. And that is why all the lyrical content of this band is clearly expressed in ...
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Punk, Bello, Antioquia.
Label: Independiente
(14 hours, August, 06, 2019.)

Naturaleza Criminal (2010) 
libra Bandas de punk
The poet of the Punk Medallo Underground from Colombia, Tomas Cipriano created this one-person band in which he presented his ideas and thoughts, a classic of the underground sounds of Colombia. Forme...
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Punk, Medellin.
Label: Independiente
(14 hours, August, 06, 2019.)

Cipriano Alvarez (Todos Los Instrumentos), ex-Parabellum(Drums.), ex-Hp Hc(Drums.)
ira Bandas de Punk Hard Core
I.R.A. (Acute Respiratory Infection) is one of the punk bands more important in Colombia. This band is formed in Medellin, Antioquia from the year of 1985 and the responsible for the birth of this band is David Viola (vocals, guitar). The meeting was presented with a few friends of David at the tim...
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Punk Hard Core, Medellín.
Label: Del Carajo Producciones
(14 hours, August, 06, 2019.)

Firmes (2009) Side By Side (2006) Punk Hardcore Colombiano (2006) Decadas De Libertad (2004) Tour Usa (2004) Epidemia De Infexion Respiratoria Aguda (2003) Entre Amigos (1998) Angustia (1997) Cronicas De Una Decada Podrida (1996) Impotable Diversion (1993) Atentados Terroristas (1991) Barkizidio (1989) 
Monica Moreno (Drums).