The 6 Best Thrash Metal Bands from Colombia Today

The 6 Best Thrash Metal Bands in Colombia Today.

By Julian Escudero. Last Updated: Spanish Version of this page.
acutor Bandas de Thrash Metal
The creators of Dios Ha Muerto (God is Dead) with lyrics of songs like Brutal Existence and Death in Life return in 2019....
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Thrash Metal, Bogotá.
Label: Ultra Metal Productions
(11 hours, November, 06, 2019.)

Dios Ha Muerto (1998) 
Carlos Montoya (Vocalista, Guitarrista).
witchtrap Bandas de black, thrash metal
Formed in Medellin in the nineties by Witchhammer (drums)...
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Black, Thrash Metal, Medellin.
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
(13 hours, October, 21, 2019.)

Sorceress Bitch (2002) 
Enforcer (Bass), Hellworld(Guitars.), Nightmare(Guitars.), ex-Dark Millenium(Guitarra (como Edison)), ex-Profecia(Guitarra (como Edison Gil)).
Burning Axe Ripper (Bass), Nightmare(Voz, Guitarra), Agaliareth(Bass.), ex-Dark Millennium(Guitarra, Voz), ex-Erzebet(Guitarra, Voz), ex-Hammerheart(Bass.).
Witchhammer (Drums).
fire Bandas de Infernal Speed Thrash Metal
The band was formed in 2005 in Pamplona Norte de Santander; with Jorge (drums), Carlos "Tata" (vocals and guitar) and Giovanny (bass). Shaping the first alignment of Fire; it would undertake a project of thrash metal. Influenced by bands of the old school of t...
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Infernal Speed Thrash Metal, Pamplona.
Label: Independiente
(10 hours, August, 06, 2019.)

Thrash Paliza (Bass), Metal Destroyer(Vocalista, Guitarrista).
agony Bandas de thrash metal
The spirit of Latin American metal is felt across the globe, and each area has spawned its own identity within an already groundbreaking subgenre. But after two decades of existence, AGONY is ready to keep their death-thrash brand of metal assault alive. AGONY burst out of the Colombian metal scene in 1992, when then-college students, ...
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Thrash Metal, Los Angeles, California.
Label: Cinismo Records
(10 hours, August, 06, 2019.)

Marcelo Dias (Bass).
Cesar Botero (Voz Lider), ex-Lado Oscuro(Vocals.), ex-Sangre Picha(Vocals.).
Carlos Marin (Guitars), La Pestilencia(Guitars.), ex-Kilcrops(Guitarra (como Carlos Alberto Marin)).
Andres Jaramillo (Guitars), Dia De Los Muertos(Guitars.).
Alfonso Pinzon (Drums), Dia De Los Muertos (Drums.).
Perpetual Warfare
perpetualwarfare Bandas de Thrash Metal
In Bogotá in 2005 this Colombian band was born, as one of the Best Thrash metal bands in this country. Formed at that time by. ...
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Thrash Metal, Bogotá.
Label: Independiente
(10 hours, August, 06, 2019.)

Wilson Duvan Munoz (Bass).
Steve Layton (Guitars), ex-Atavi(Guitars.).
Esteban Diaz (Drums), Legends(Drums.), ex-Ayahuasca(Baterista (como Lulomoy)), ex-Jitoma Safiama(Drums.), ex-Drunk Dog(Drums.).
Camilo Andres Munoz (Vocalista, Guitarrista).
cobra Bandas de speed metal
Promoting their latest albums: Tirania and Grito en el Abismo, this is one of Bogotás Thrash Metal bands....
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Speed Metal, Bogota.
Label: Independiente
(10 hours, August, 06, 2019.)