The 3 Best Hardcore Metal Bands in Colombia Today

The 3 Best Hardcore Metal Bands in Colombia Today.

By Julian Escudero. Last Updated: Spanish Version.
La Pestilencia
lapestilencia Bandas de Punk|Hardcore
Created in 1986 as an idea of Dilson Díaz and Hector Buitrago (Aterciopelados). Those who liked to collect punk records from the eighties. Dilson Díaz and Hector Bu...
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Punk|Hardcore, Bogota, Los Angeles.
(10 hours, April, 23, 2020.)

La Pestilencia in the Tattoo Music Fest 2021 on Bogota.
Pais De Titulares (2018) Paranormal (2011) Productos Desaparecidos (2005) Balistica (2000) El Amarillista (1997) Las Nuevas Aventuras De La Pestilencia (1993) La Muerte Un Compromiso De Todos (1989) 
Dilson Diaz (Vocals), Confusion(Bajo, Voz), ex-Masacre(Bajo, Coros).
Carlos Marin (Guitars), Agony(Guitars.), ex-Kilcrops(Guitarra (como Carlos Alberto Marin)).
Isabel Valencia (Bass).
Marcelo Gomez (Drums), ex-Athanator(Drums.).
Golpe De Estado
golpedeestado Bandas de Groove Metal|Hardcore|Metalcore|Progressive
Golpe de Estado was reborn in the year 2009. This band of hardcore, produces a new sound loaded with great force that, combined with its lyrics that talk about everyday life, as well as social problems, unleash the power of their music in their live performances. This is a band of ...
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Groove Metal|Hardcore|Metalcore|Progressive, Medellín.
(09 hours, April, 02, 2020.)

The Tryout
thetryout Bandas de Hardcore|Punk
Already with more than 6 years of experience this band from Bogota, has of its own with two albums, it also has toured Colombia. This group has been created in the year 2009, showing a reality from a positive point of view. Thanks to its sound and strength in the scenario, today are emerging as one of the most important hardcore bands...
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Hardcore|Punk, Bogotá.
(09 hours, April, 02, 2020.)