The 8 Best Death Metal Bands in Colombia Today

The 8 Best Death Metal Bands in Colombia Today.

By Julian Escudero. Last Updated: Spanish Version of this page.
mistyfate Bandas de melodic death metal
MistyFate means? Uncertain Destiny? which is the path that takes man to find its own destruction. MistyFate had its first concert with a band called Masacre which was a complete success. At the end of 1997 MistyFate released their first Promotional CD under the name of ?Valley Of Tears?, it had 6 songs. MistyFate had many concerts in Col...
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Melodic Death Metal, Cali.
Label: Decade Records
(08 hours, October, 22, 2019.)

Cristian Montenegro (Bass), ex-At Dusk(Bass.).
Rafael Ramirez (Drums), ex-At Odds With God(Drums.), ex-Secrecy(Drums.).
Sergio Sagros (Guitarrista (como Sergio)), Sagros(Guitarrista Vocalista), ex-Acratas(Guitars.), ex-Thoyneus(Guitars.)
Andres Cortazar (Guitars).
Jose Santa Maria (Vocals).
Under Threat
underthreat Bandas de progressive death metal
Under Threat - Hipostasis (1999) Under Threat is a Colombian metalband focu...
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Progressive Death Metal, Bogota.
Label: Hateworks
(07 hours, October, 22, 2019.)

The Prison Within (2017) The Manifested Void (2013) Deathmosphere (2006) Behind Mankinds Disguise (2003) Hipostasis (1999) 
Nicolas Bermudez (Vocalista, Guitarrista).
David Bermudez (Bass), Vein(Bass.), ex-Kilcrops(Bass.).
Alejandro Rojas (Drums), Leishmaniasis(Drums.), Soulburner(Drums.), ex-Neurosis Inc(Drums.).
Juan Burbano (Guitars), ex-Ingrand(Guitars.), ex-Deathless(Guitars.).
masacre Bandas de death metal
Created in 1988, its extreme metal began with: Sacrum, True Death Death, Total Death, Under the Sign of Violence...
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Death Metal, Medellín.
Label: Osmose Productions
(19 hours, October, 21, 2019.)

Evil Death Live (2016) Bajo El Signo De La Violencia (2006) Total Death (2004) Muerte Verdadera Muerte (2001) Sacro (1996) 
Juan Carlos Gomez (Guitars), ex-Eternal(Keyboards.), ex-La Pestilencia(Bass.).
Alex Oquendo (Vocals), Morbid Macabre(Vocals.), Confusion(Vocals.), ex-Dia De Los Muertos(Vocals.), ex-Ekhymosis(Vocals.), ex-Pirokinesis(Voz Invitada).
Jorge Londoño (Guitars), Carbure(Bass.).
Alvaro Alvarez (Bass), Murder(Guitars.), ex-Remembrance Of Pain(Guitars.).
Wilson A Henao (Drums), Internal Suffering(Drums.), ex-Carnivore Diprosopus(Drums.).
Vitam Et Mortem
vitametmortem Bandas de Death Black Metal Latinoamericano
This colombian band was created by Julian Trujilo (vocals), Julian Rodrigez (drums) and Alejandro Betancur (guitars) in El Carmen de Viboral in March of 2002. ...
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Death Black Metal Latinoamericano, El Carmen De Viboral.
Label: Murdher Records
(19 hours, October, 21, 2019.)

Julian David Trujillo (Voz, Guitarra Lider), Flagelation(Todos Los Instrumentos).
Twilight Glimmer
twilightglimmer Bandas de death metal
Twilight Glimmer is a Colombian band born in December of 1998. From the beginning they would be recognized as a very promising group that brought together a group of high level musicians, which is why they would begin to be invited to the most important cities throughout Colombia in the best stages. Up to these days the ...
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Death Metal, Pereira.
Label: Impetus Fire
(19 hours, October, 21, 2019.)

David Valencia (Guitars), Bang(Guitarra Y Voz), Vago Blues(Guitarra Y Voz), ex-Evenlost(Guitars.), ex-Land Of Chaos(Guitars.).
Victor Valencia (Bass), Bang(Bass.), Eshtadur(Bass.).
Tears Of Misery
tearsofmisery Bandas de death metal
Tears Of Misery (Colombian band) has its beginnings in the 2000 where through gender Thrash Metal and under the name of Lagrimas de Miseria are made known. In 2002 the band is looking for a different sound focused on the Death Meta...
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Death Metal, Bogotá.
Label: Independiente
(21 hours, August, 06, 2019.)

Hernan Bautista (Bajista, Vocalista), ex-Cursed(Vocals.), ex-Spiritar(Vocals.).
innerhate Bandas de Death Metal Contemporáneo
As time went by, the sound of Innerhate became more mature and developed a style of its own, which characterizes its current sound, a fast, aggressive and technical death metal... ...
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Death Metal Contemporáneo, Manizales.
Label: Veterans Records
(20 hours, August, 06, 2019.)

Ivan David Buitrago Torres (Bass), Pseudopathological Vivisection(Bajista, Vocalista), ex-Luciferian(Bass.), ex-The Sky Is The Reason(Bass.).
soulburner Bandas de Death Metal
For the year 2000, this death metal band is renewed when Alejandro Rojas enters (musician who had previously been part of Under Threat and Leishmaniasis....
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Death Metal, Bogota.
Label: Soulburner
(20 hours, August, 06, 2019.)

The Throne Of Armageddon (2016) The New Age Of Darkness (2006) Life Denied (2004) Hellfire (2002) 
Alejandro Rojas (Drums), Under Threat(Drums.), Leishmaniasis(Drums.), ex-Neurosis Inc(Drums.).