The 19 Best Colombian Rock Bands! [May 2022]

The 19 Best Rock Bands in Colombia Today.

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#1 Kraken

kraken Bandas Colombianas
Rock Duro Progresivo, Bogota.
Label: Athenea Producciones
Spanish version.(15 hours, May, 06, 2022.)

Average: 4.3 Votes(397)

Kraken, a band of Colombia representative of the genre of rock and heavy metal. This band has been created in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia in the mid-year of 1984, appearing as one of the most important bands in the country since that time, the g... (Keep reading...)

#2 Akash

akash Bandas Colombianas
Heavy Metal, Armenia.
Label: Independiente
Spanish version.(10 hours, November, 11, 2020.)

Average: 4.3 Votes(372)

Akash, one of the Best Heavy Metal Bands From Colombia it was conceived in the 1992 year in the beautiful department of Quindío. At this time this metal band was created by Jairo Alberto Moren... (Keep reading...)

#3 Darath

darath Bandas Colombianas
Rock, Armenia.
Label: Art&co Records
Spanish version.(21 hours, July, 25, 2020.)

Average: 4.5 Votes(368)

Hailing from coffee zone in Armenia, Colombia. Darath make passionate guitar-base rock that balances spanish latin rock artfulness with a pop sensibility. Formed in 1993, the band splitted in 1998, then reunited in 2016 to present. Darath feature singer Juan Carlos Angel a.k.a Angelo from Colombia Factor X show 2006, Jorge Holg... (Keep reading...)

#4 La Pestilencia

la pestilencia Bandas Colombianas
Punk|Hardcore, Bogota, Los Angeles.
Label: Emi Music Colombia
Spanish version.(10 hours, April, 23, 2020.)

Average: 4.2 Votes(257)

Created in 1986 as an idea of Dilson Díaz and Hector Buitrago (Aterciopelados). Those who liked to collect punk records from the eighties. Dilson Díaz and ... (Keep reading...)

#5 Kronos

kronos Bandas Colombianas
Hard Rock, Cali.
Label: Independiente
Spanish version.(08 hours, June, 11, 2022.)

Average: 4.1 Votes(243)

With 30 years of artistic career, Kronos is one of the Hard Rock bands with the longest history in Colombia. After the absence of vocalista Jorge Fresquet of t... (Keep reading...)

#6 Darkness

darkness Bandas Colombianas
Thrash Metal, Bogota.
Label: Independiente
Spanish version.(10 hours, October, 21, 2022.)

Average: 4.1 Votes(223)

' Darkness is a Colombian band that has long earned a great place on the national scene . They have left a great legacy that leaves much in the minds of future generations of emerging musicians who take them as part of their influence to continue working for national metal in Colombia . The Colo... (Keep reading...)

#7 Nadie

nadie Bandas Colombianas
Rock, Medellin.
Label: Independiente
Spanish version.(17 hours, April, 15, 2020.)

Average: 4.1 Votes(214)

... (Keep reading...)

#8 La Derecha

la derecha Bandas Colombianas
Rock, Bogota.
Label: Independiente
Spanish version.(13 hours, August, 19, 2020.)

Average: 4.4 Votes(177)

La Derecha was born in 1992, when they went by names like La Rata Poética and La Secta . Their name was born after a fight at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, the one in which they were victims after a night in which they were chatting. Alice and Contra La Pared are t... (Keep reading...)

#9 1280 Almas

1280 almas Bandas Colombianas
Rock, Bogota.
Label: La Coneja Ciega
Spanish version.(10 hours, April, 09, 2020.)

Average: 4.1 Votes(176)

The 1280 Almas is a Rock band created in Bogotá, Colombia since 1992. This band is part of the most relevant and influential groups of the ... (Keep reading...)

#10 The Hall Effect

the hall effect Bandas Colombianas
Rock, Bogota.
Label: Independiente
Spanish version.(16 hours, July, 25, 2020.)

Average: 4.2 Votes(171)

The Hall Effect appeared on the Colombian rock scene in 2006. An independent 4-member band, their compelling fusion of rock riffs and inventive sonic, soon garnered fervent support from fans and media.... (Keep reading...)

#11 Bajo Tierra

bajo tierra Bandas Colombianas
Rock, Medellin.
Label: Polen Records
Spanish version.(15 hours, July, 25, 2020.)

Average: 4.1 Votes(168)

In 1989 Jaime Andres Pulgarin, Nicolas Arango, Lucas Guinge founded "Bajo Tierra" in the city of Medellín, influenced by punk and new wave, continuing their journey towards rock during the 90's.... (Keep reading...)

#12 Ekhymosis

ekhymosis Bandas Colombianas
Thrash Metal, Medellin.
Label: Psychophony Records
Spanish version.(17 hours, December, 31, 2021.)

Average: 4.0 Votes(165)

Founded by Juan Estebán Aristizabal (Juanes) and by Andres Garcia Celis , Ekhymosis started as a band from ... (Keep reading...)

#13 Estados Alterados

estados alterados Bandas Colombianas
Electronica, Medellin.
Label: Independiente
Spanish version.(17 hours, July, 25, 2020.)

Average: 4.2 Votes(163)

This is an Electronic Rock project led by Elvis (Fernando Sierra, voice and machines) and Ricky (Ricardo Restrepo. ... (Keep reading...)

#14 Superlitio

superlitio Bandas Colombianas
Latin Alternative, World Rock, Electronic, Cali.
Label: Sony Music Colombia
Spanish version.(16 hours, July, 25, 2020.)

Average: 4.0 Votes(163)

Superlitio is a Colombian band from the city of Cali, which has been nominated for a Latin Grammy, composed by Pedro Rovetto (Bass), Pipe Bravo (Keys, guitar and vocals).... (Keep reading...)

#15 Ultrageno

ultrageno Bandas Colombianas
Rock, Hardcore, Metal, Bogota.
Label: Independiente
Spanish version.(09 hours, April, 02, 2020.)

Average: 4.3 Votes(154)

It was formed in 1996 when its members came together with the idea of forming a band that will incorporate new elements of work, such as the characteristic sound of the violin, accelerated tempos and lyrics that will manifest a political and social commitment. They assimilated trends from the world scene, and translated them i... (Keep reading...)

#16 Tbcb

tbcb Bandas Colombianas
Rock, Bogotá.
Spanish version.(10 hours, August, 07, 2020.)

Average: 4.0 Votes(147)

... (Keep reading...)

#18 Carbure

carbure Bandas Colombianas
Rock, Medellin.
Label: Independiente
Spanish version.(11 hours, September, 16, 2021.)

Average: 4.0 Votes(134)

Carbure was born between 1973 and 1978 with influences from Judas.... (Keep reading...)

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