The 2 Best Rock Bands in Colombia Today

The 2 Best Rock Bands in Colombia Today.

By Julian Escudero. Last Updated: Spanish Version of this page.
thestranges Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
The Stranges Bandas de Dirty Rock de Bogota (Marzo 08, 2018.)
Sascha Schouvalow (Vocalista), The Stranges(Vocalista).
Helver Asbeth (Bajista) The Stranges(Bajista).
Jhonathan Barrera (Guitarrista Lider) The Stranges(Guitarrista Lider).
Jose Millan (Baterista) The Stranges(Baterista) En Vela(Baterista).
The Stranges Band is not just another band of musicians, is a gathering of friends, who after experimenting with various genres is showing a very strong rock’s proposal , in which the aggressive encounters melodic and where the vocal melody is a journey through the pain, hatred and passion are mixed, and which reaches a poi..Keep reading...

malarosa Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
Malarosa Bandas de Metal Industrial|Rock Industrial|Electrónica|Industrial de Bogotá (Julio 15, 2017.)
Malarosa is a Colombian band of rock and industrial metal exponent in this country. It was founded back then in 2011 by Camilo Barbosa (guitar and composition) where its lyrics were based on culture, drills and technology involved has somehow resulted in stories. ..Keep reading...