The 5 Best Heavy Metal Bands in Colombia Today

The 5 Best Heavy Metal Bands in Colombia Today.

By Julian Escudero. Last Updated: Spanish Version.
akash Bandas de Heavy Metal
Akash, one of the Best Heavy Metal Bands From Colombia it was conceived in the 1992 year in the beautiful department of Quindío. At this time this metal band was created by Jairo Alberto Moreno ...
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Heavy Metal, Armenia.
Label: Independiente
(11 hours, July, 25, 2020.)

Neurosis (2015) Fuera De Control (2011) Resurreccion (2008) Mas Alla De La Realidad (2003) 
Luis Fernando Martinez (Drums), ex-Sanius(Drums.), ex-Saproffago(Drums.), ex-Transito Libre(Drums.).
Diego Ivan Serna (Guitars).
Miller Garibello (Guitars).
Roberto Munard (Vocals), Roberto Munard(Vocals.).
Jairo Alberto Moreno (Bass).
Random Revenge
randomrevenge Bandas de Thrash|Heavy Metal
The new blood of Colombian scene has in Random Revenge one of its more relevant representatives with their striking thrash heavy metal onslaught. Convene in 2012, the quintet fixes its conceptual perimeter around the random way in which we are all potential victims and victimizers within a cycle of violence marked by the chaos of current ...
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Thrash|Heavy Metal, Bogotá.
Label: Independiente
(20 hours, May, 24, 2020.)

Imparting Justice Live (2016) 
Fabian Esteban Beltran (Vocals).
Didier Adrian Cardenas (Guitars).
Sergio Daniel Rueda (Guitars).
John Alexander Londoño (Drums).
kraken Bandas de rock duro progresivo
Kraken, a band of Colombia representative of the genre of rock and heavy metal. This band has been created in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia in the mid-year of 1984, appearing as one of the most important bands in the country since that time, the glorious de...
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Rock Duro Progresivo, Bogota.
Label: Athenea Producciones
(18 hours, April, 25, 2020.)

Kraken Vi Sobre Esta Tierra (2016) La Fortaleza Del Titan (2014) Humana Deshumanizacion (2009) Tributo Internacional Kraken (2008) Kraken Filarmonico (2006) Tributo Al Titan Rock Nacional (2004) Kraken Iv V Vive El Rock Nacional (2004) Huella Y Camino (2002) Una Leyenda Del Rock (1999) Kraken V El Simbolo De La Huella (1995) Kraken I Ii (1994) Kraken Iv Piel De Cobre (1993) Kraken Iii (1990) Kraken Ii (1989) Kraken I (1987) 
Elkin Ramirez (Vocals), ex-Kripzy(Vocals.).
Andres Leiva (Guitars).
Ruben Gelvez (Keyboards).
Julian Puerto (Drums).
bang Bandas de Heavy Metal
Bang is a band from Pereira that began its musical work in March of 2009, influenced by a great variety of musical genres that each one of its members brings, they have a great musical journey within the rock and metal scene from the city of Pereira, Colombia...
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Heavy Metal , Pereira.
Label: Independiente
(09 hours, April, 02, 2020.)

Metal Que No Se Oxida (2019) Sucumbir O Reaccionar (2010) 
David Valencia (Guitarrista, Vocalista), Twilight Glimmer(Guitars.), Vago Blues(Guitarra Y Voz), ex-Evenlost(Guitars.), ex-Land Of Chaos(Guitars.).
Victor Valencia (Bass), Twilight Glimmer(Bass.), Eshtadur(Bass.).
medium Bandas de heavy metal
This group of Pereira was born in 2007 with a musical proposal of Latin American Heavy Metal. In its lyrical content you can appreciate its ideology, a tendency toward social criticism given the current situation in Colombia. ...
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Heavy Metal, Pereira.
Label: Independiente
(09 hours, April, 02, 2020.)

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