The 5 Best Gothic Metal Bands in Colombia Today

The 5 Best Gothic Metal Bands in Colombia Today.

By Julian Escudero. Last Updated: Spanish Version of this page.
tenebrarum Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
Tenebrarum Bandas de Metal de Medellín (Agosto 06, 2019.)
Julian Rivera (Bajista), Tenebrarum(Bajista).
Andres Giraldo (Baterista) Tenebrarum(Baterista).
David Rivera (Violin, Voz) Tenebrarum(Violin, Voz) ex-integrante de Maleficarum(Bajista).
Luis Garcia (Teclados, Voz).
Tenebrarum is a colombian band of focused on the Rock and Gothic Metal created in the year of 1990 by David Rivera...Keep reading...

khimera Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
Khimera Bandas de Metal Sinfonico de Manizales (Marzo 31, 2019.)
Paula Andrea Florez Agregar perfil ( Voz Soprano ).
Salome Palacio Agregar perfil ( Voz Contralto ).
Daniel Rodriguez Agregar perfil ( Voz Y Guitarra ).
Santiago Gonzales Agregar perfil ( Guitarra ).
Milton Alexander Garcia Agregar perfil ( Bateria ).
Santiago Cabrera Agregar perfil Teclado .
Khimera’s band was born in the city of Manizales, is a band that belongs to the genre known as Symphonic Metal in which the main objective is to promote the culture with great emphasis on human, literary and social component through the music, its members are quite influenced by genres such as Dark Cabaret, ..Keep reading...

rosanegra Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
Rosanegra Bandas de Metal Alternativo de Bogotá (Abril 29, 2018.)
RosaNegra a colombian alternative metal band, created in 2004 by Jhonathan Barrier, Jennifer Arias and Elkyn Arias, who would join then Giovanny Niño. A number of changes have been submitted in the alignment of the band throughout its history, following a path of exploration through the sounds of the alternative metal. This Colombian band..Keep reading...

megatherium Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
Megatherium Bandas de Metal Experimental de Cucuta (Agosto 19, 2016.)
It was founded as a band of dark metal of the city of San Jose de Cucuta, formed in the year of 2002 by Alex Mora 'Renny' (guitars), George Cáceres 'The Mono' (bass and vocals) and Carlitos Madariaga (drums), strongly inspired by the theme of the crusades and the dark side behind these 'Holy campaigns of war and invasion' towards..Keep reading...