The 4 Best Brutal Death Metal|Grindcore Bands in Colombia Today

The 4 Best Brutal Death Metal|Grindcore Bands in Colombia Today.

By Julian Escudero. Last Updated: Spanish Version of this page.
internalsuffering Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
Internal Suffering Bandas de Death Metal de Pereira (Abril 29, 2019.)
Wilson A Henao (Baterista), Internal Suffering(Baterista), Masacre(Baterista) ex-integrante de Carnivore Diprosopus(Baterista).
Internal Suffering was formed in 1996, since then the band has been known throughout the world for its intense, brutal and rapid technical brand of Death Metal, releasing 4 full-length albums to date: Internal Suffering Discography 'S..Keep reading...

mentalapraxia Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
Mental Apraxia Bandas de Brutal Death Metal de Calarca (Enero 21, 2019.)
Juan Masgren Artehaga (Bateria), Mental Apraxia(Baterista), Mindly Rotten(Baterista) ex-integrante de Eternal Chaos(Baterista).
Mental Apraxia is a band of extreme metal created by Alex and Juan Carlos 'Masgren' in February of 2001, as a response to the need to make metal after more than 10 years as fanatics of this genre. In 2004 Ivan joins..Keep reading...

pseudopathologicalvivisection Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
Pseudopathological Vivisection Bandas de Brutal Slamming Death Metal de Manizales (Septiembre 17, 2018.)
Ivan David Buitrago Torres (Vocalista, Bajista), Pseudopathological Vivisection(Bajista, Vocalista), Innerhate(Bajo) ex-integrante de Luciferian(Bajista) ex-integrante de The Sky Is The Reason(Bajista).
Julian Echeverri Aguirre (Guitarrista) Pseudopathological Vivisection(Guitarrista) The Sky Is The Reason(Guitarrista).
Alejandro Puerta Galvez (Baterista) Pseudopathological Vivisection(Baterista) ex-integrante de Innerhate(Baterista).
Santiago Ospina Serna (Guitarrista).
Pseudopathological Vivisection is a Colombian band focused on the Death Metal of Manizales, Caldas. Was engendered in the year 2011 by the voice and bass of Ivan David Buitrago, and Julián Echeverri (guitar). Its first album was recorded by th..Keep reading...

goretrade Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
Goretrade Bandas de Brutal Death Metal de Pereira (Marzo 14, 2018.)
Goretrade is a band created in Pereira, Colombia by César Vera and currently headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Have almost 17 years of career and quite a few tours that include visits to more than 15 countries and in the most important festivals of extreme metal throughout the world. Gore..Keep reading...