The 13 Best Black Metal Bands in Colombia Today

The 13 Best Black Metal Bands in Colombia Today.

By Julian Escudero. Last Updated: Spanish Version.
eshtadur Bandas de Thrash Metal
Death, Melodic, Metal, Symphonic, Pereira.
(May, 20 of 2019.)
Victor Valencia (Bass), Bang(Bass.), Twilight Glimmer(Bass.).
Jorg August (Voz, Guitarra).
The Colombian band Eshtadur, emerges as a musical project that was born at the end of 2005, with its first line-up a single was made, Timo Be Timo , which was the cause of initiating the process and the sound they was searching, followed by the first album called Rebellion Of Angels , with 7 tracks composed by Alex Gir...
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typhon Bandas de Thrash Metal
Black Metal, Medellín.
(April, 23 of 2019.)
Bull Metal (Drums), ex-Masacre(Drums.), ex-Sacrilegio(Drums.).
One of the old school bands of Black Metal in Medellin, Colombia. This is one of the Black Metal Bands that maintained an intense communication with Dead and Euronymous ...
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luciferian Bandas de Thrash Metal
Black Metal, Armenia.
(April, 22 of 2019.)
Luciferian is a black metal Colombian band founded by Hector Carmona in 1996, Armenia-Quindio . In 1999, the band launches a promo named Place of the Final Throne , reaching a good diffusion in its fans. In the year of 2003 Luciferian is summoned t...
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reencarnacion Bandas de Thrash Metal
Black Thrash Metal , Medellin.
(April, 18 of 2019.)
Apocalipsis 4 Sala Bombay Raven Records Colombia en Medellin.
Laura Corrales (Bass), Mordaz(Bass.), Putrefaccion(Bass.).
Piolin (Vocals), ex-Hp Hc(Drums.), ex-Profecia(Vocals.).
Reencarnación is a band that was created in the city of Medellin, Colombia in 1987, after the dissolution of the Colombian band Profecia. Víctor Raúl Jaramillo (Piolín), begins to lead this project with compositions that had been carried out since April 1984. Together with the...
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parabellum Bandas de Thrash Metal
Black Metal, Medellin.
(April, 08 of 2019.)
Cipriano Alvarez (Drums), ex-Hp Hc(Drums.), ex-Libra(Drums.).
La Bruja (Guitars), Herpes(Vocalista, Todos Los Instrumentos), Organismos(Guitars.).
Ramon Reinaldo Restrepo (Vocals), Blasfemia(Vocals.), Ramon(Vocals.), Restos De Tragedia( Vocalista, Bajista), ex-Agressor(Vocals.), ex-Imri(Vocals.).
Jhon Jairo Martinez (Guitars), ex-Blasfemia(Guitars.), ex-Nemesis(Guitars.).
Like Nekromantie, Reencarnacion and Sacrilegio, this is one of the most influential underground metal bands in the world. Considered the first extreme metal band of Colombia and one of the first in South America. For this reason, Parabellum has a great reputation and cult status...
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profecia Bandas de Thrash Metal
Black Metal|Death Metal, Medellín.
(April, 02 of 2019.)
Profecia, Colombian Death Metal band that began at the end of 1998, integrated by Oscar (Drums), John Dilmer (Vocals), Albert (Guitar) and Elkin (Bass). Some Underground presentations were made to make the band known in the metal scene of Colombia. After making some presentations, the bassist, Elkin leaves the...
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tzelmoth Bandas de Thrash Metal
Black Metal, Medellin.
(March, 30 of 2019.)
Tzelmoth is one of the more prolific colombian black metal bands, in some of their productions we find: Unholy Throne (Demo 2005) Tzelmoth (Demo 2007) Manifesto of the Abyss (EP 2008) Order of Majestic Fire (EP 2008) Black Metal Attack / Old Madness: ...
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gexerott Bandas de Thrash Metal
Mystical Black Metal, Medellin.
(March, 30 of 2019.)
Gexerott is a black metal band from Colombia created in 2004, who are currently working with Sacred Hate Records. Gexerott is a metal band that has had the opportunity to perform on stage alongside world-class bands as Mayhem in October of 2016 in the city of...
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nosferatu Bandas de Thrash Metal
Black Metal, Bogota.
(December, 21 of 2018.)
Esteban Souza (Drums), Nonsense Premonition(Drums.), Loathsome Faith(Drums.).
Nosferatu’s band rises in the 1993 year, and it was formed by Diego Peña (guitar), Rafael Serrano (vocals & bass) and Jhon A. Sanchez (drums). takin' its name inspired by the darkness and misantrophy, an expression build by the character and influences of the Black Metal and ...
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asbel Bandas de Thrash Metal
Black Metal, Bogotá.
(December, 19 of 2018.)
The Origin of Asbel: In The Late 1998, Asbel arises to give birth to Ancient Cult, a band characterized for the worship of dark deities and the description of evil in nature, this Cult was formed by Asbel and Lord Tyrannous, the only release from this cult was an album unnamed consisting of three tracks of dark black metal, this album wa...
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nebiros Bandas de Thrash Metal
Black Metal, Medellin.
(December, 03 of 2018.)
Bael (Vocalista, Guitarrista, Bajista), Presagio(Vocalista, Guitarrista), ex-Erzebet(Guitars.), ex-Satanachia(Guitars.).
Dominus Saevitum (Drums).
Nebiros is a colombian Black Metal band formed in the year of 1990. At that time the original alignment was Sacrilegus (vocals), Feretrus (guitar) and Black Satan (drums), a first original formation which would begin to write the more blasphemous a...
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occultus Bandas de Thrash Metal
Melodic Black Metal, Cali.
(October, 16 of 2018.)
Formed in Cali , in 1993, the album Cosmos from 1996 and one of its most recent productions Serpentheart published i...
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odium Bandas de Thrash Metal
Black Metal, Palmira.
(March, 03 of 2018.)
Odium it is one of the Colombian black metal bands formed in September of the year of 1993, its first concert would be in 1995 and their separation in 2000. Mauritius Colony and Ricardo Guarnizo relocated to Spain. ...
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