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Sacred Goat
In a room
Can hear voices
Images aren’t
Clear here it is like
A deep dream
And I can’t get over it
Way through a maze
Thousands of guests
settle there each
Has a different Face
No one can
What’s in their
Flawed minds
No longer set
Nothing left
I can hear it
Because I can hear?

Why can I hear?
What am I fucking doing here?
damned melody in sick
Pleas and curses

The murderer
Has his hands stained
The Stalker has them inside his pants
The self-possessed flagella without reason
The psychopath hallucinates through
women’s skin
Madness reigns
There is no God here

smells of lust evil smells
smells of blood smells of disease (bis)
cries and tears

There are always traces of blood
Into his skin and his lips
Pleasure and satisfaction bulging eyes

Everything is rotten here,
Why can I hear?
What am I doing here?

I wanna wake up
I wanna wake up I have forgotten all about me.

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