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Under Threat
Learned Helplessness
HipostasisUnder Threat1999
Following the flow
Dragged by the absurd
remains or existence
suffoccated by constant agressions
to what"s sacred

Fighting with distress
to recover the lost
Running through the maze
that only offers
the mortal certainty
of our inevitable confinement.

Indifference lies hidden
under the form of demagogy
Our wrath remains helpless
And the latent impotence drown us
Depriving fair men from his honor
submitting em to the eternal shame
To final resignation

The nightmare reappears everyday
Hiding itself under
the tense atmosphere of the trivial
Reminding us that our survival
Depends only on the fragile temperament
Of an implacable violence
Indiscriminated an merciless.

Living this eternal
and cruel masquerade
We find ourselves unarmed
exposed to the
expectation of the unexpected

The inminence of atrocity
intimidate us
becoming our nemesis
keeping us in the absolute present
as our last promise.

The dizziness of reality is now
Our feared and final hell.

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