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July 18th 2024


COBRA SPELL, an international heavy rock band from the 80s, emerged on the music scene in 2019 under the direction of the talented guitarist Sonia Anubis.

With a stellar lineup that includes Kristina Vega on lead vocals, Roxy Herrera on bass, Noelle dos Anjos on rhythm guitar, and Hale Naphtha on drums, this quintet delivers an unparalleled musical experience.

October 10 2024

Lucifer 2024

LUCIFER, the heavy metal band led by the charismatic Johanna Sadonis, has made a mark with its distinctive sound and captivating aesthetics. Since its formation in 2014, LUCIFER has embodied the essence of classic rock with a modern twist, garnering praise from critics and fans alike.

Bogota Subterranea Fest
July 19 2024

Bogota Subterranea Fest

For Colombia: Nameless, Funeral Vomit, The Scum and Espectrum! Bogotá Subterránea Fest: Crust, Grindcore, Black, Death Metal at the Ace of Spades Club Experience the power of underground metal at the Bogotá Subterránea Fest, an epic 2-day event that brings together the best of Crust, Grindcore, Black and Death Metal. With the participation of 6 international and 8 national bands, this festival promises to be an unforgettable experience...

Featured Concert

CALI HELL, Colombia


July 12 2024 Cali| Colombia

CALIHELL VOL IX – HORRIFYING (Chile) in Cali! Official lineup for CALIHELL VOL IX - HORRIFYING. This event promises to be an unforgettable night featuring the intense and blasphemous Horrifying from Chile. Additionally, we will be joined by: Goretrade: The veteran machine of #brutaldeathmetal.

Imperial Doom: From Bogotá, delivering a masterclass in classic #doomdeathmetal sound.

Cali's representation will be in the hands of the powerful Mortado, who will undoubtedly make us vibrate with their crushing energy.

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