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Acutor, Thrash Metal, Bogotá.

Activa, Label: Ultra Metal Productions

Acutor, Bandas de Thrash Metal de Bogotá.
Rock Concerts: Acutor in Age War Of Metal in Bogota.
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    The creators of Dios Ha Muerto (God is Dead) with lyrics of songs like Brutal Existence and Death in Life return in 2019.

    Carlos Montoya (Vocalista, Guitarrista).

    Lyrics and video of Brutal Existencia
    Lyrics and video of Dios Ha Muerto
    Lyrics and video of El Gran Anhelo
    Lyrics and video of Infernal
    Lyrics and video of Menos Que Nada
    Lyrics and video of Muerte En Vida
    Lyrics and video of Por Encima Del Temor
    Lyrics and video of Remember The Fallen
    Lyrics and video of Una Oportunidad De Ser


    Un dia como hoy nace: Julietta Ocampo (vocalista, 1994-10-21) de la banda Eternal

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Diijoma a great Cacique, avid and without precaution
The path of the boa, imprecise traveled
Helpless was left to see a meandering baby
Vestige of his spirit that slipped from his forehead...

(Ayahuasca - Sierpe)

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Banda Corps Sans Organes

Corps Sans Organes

Death Metal(Bogota)

The name of this band is in French for: Body Without Organs. Corps-sans-Organes (CsO) is a Death Metal band formed in Bogotá, Colombia, in 2011.

Its members are: Jeisson G. Ospina (Guitar and voice), Camilo Castañeda (Bass) and Sander Bermudez (Drums). Its first short album was produced by Sound-Tech Studios under the name of: The Deleuzian Century Vol. 1 (2012).