Ad Inferos, Simbólico Metal Visionario, Manizales.

Last Updated: 11 hours, November, 06, 2019. Spanish version. Currently Activa. Label: Cvmusic.
Ad Inferos, Bandas de Simbólico Metal Visionario de Manizales.

Ad Inferos is a concept formed by a cognitive integration. That shows the symbolic Metal visionary.

In 20/02/2005, are commanded expressions of every conscience. To transcend from the impromptu (a musical composition that the performer improvises, that which is conceived without no premeditated plan), on a principle called Katabasis, from there to take the title for your musical album: DescensuS Revelador. A consolidated telling expression focused on the experiences that leave the day to day because of our allies who died, showing a new step with a vision toward the future.

The main influences of Ad Inferos are the dead, those who possess a conception developer on the past, a symbol of continuity, and a strong influence very important in the world of the living.

The KatabasiS, a Greek term that derives from the verb katabaino, lower, whose Latin translation is descensus and represented in the classical literature, through the Odyssey (Homer) and in the Aeneid (Virgil), on whose story the hero must descend through a trail to reach the spaces below, the Ad Inferos, Hades in Greek culture. This decline represents a channel for contact with dead beings, that will help the progress of knowledge about yourself in order to complete his final in a heroic mission.

Hell, which has ceased to occupy a single outer space.

The psychoanalysis and literature showed that the unconscious is the dark space, the abyss, the one who requires a revealing KatabasiS.