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Angel Negro, Death Metal, Cali.

Activa, Independiente

Angel Negro, Bandas de Death Metal de Cali.
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    In mid-1996, the last album of Angel Negro , already on CD, with the name of Guillain Barre , was released, which was achieved with their efforts members. 1000 copies of this production were put on the market, which were distributed in countries of South America and Europe.

    Alberto Escobar and William Monroy did not take part in this new CD, since they left the band in 1995 and were replaced by Fabian Aguirre on drums and Andres Mora on bass. This work contains 11 songs of which two are instrumental, five come in Spanish and the other four are in English.


    Un dia como hoy nace: Anderson Alvarez (bateristas, 1987-05-26) de la banda Esquizofrenia

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