Asbel, Black Metal, Bogotá.

Asbel en Return Of Darkness 2 en Bogota.

Last Updated: 13 hours, October, 22, 2019. Spanish version. Currently Activa. Label: Blasphemous Attack Productions.
Asbel, Bandas de Black Metal de Bogotá.

The Origin of Asbel:

In The Late 1998, Asbel arises to give birth to Ancient Cult, a band characterized for the worship of dark deities and the description of evil in nature, this Cult was formed by Asbel and Lord Tyrannous, the only release from this cult was an album unnamed consisting of three tracks of dark black metal, this album was never released officially. After a short era the members left taking different paths.

In the year 2000 Asbel meets two musicians and brings birth to Mighty Scepter, a band consisting in a Melodic Black Metal, but never leaving aside the raw essence of this subversive genre, The cult conforms and releases a ritual called grief which is released late in the 2002 independently, this ritual possesses 4 feasts of melancholy mixed up with cruel evil feelings. Mighty Scepter enters now the scenery of live for over two years, Mighty Scepter decides to separate due to personal inconveniences, but the flame of Mighty Scepter shall never demise.

After Mighty Scepter Asbel decides to name his own personal project called as himself: Asbel, concentrating more on musical composition and improving sound quality for his musical releases. He established his own recording studio called Unholy Studios, were he recorded the first album Legions. And since then Asbel has not given rest in music.