Athemesis, Symphonic Metal, Medellín.

Last Updated: 10 hours, July, 26, 2020.Por Bernardo Ospina. Spanish version. Currently Activa. Label: Independiente.
Athemesis, Bandas de Symphonic Metal de Medellín.
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Athemesis is a symphonic metal band originally from Medellín (Colombia) , which mixes the different subgenres of the metal, using heavy and dense riffs, with vocal melodies unaccustomed to the metal, orchestras and choirs that help create new worlds for the listener and attract all kinds of audiences. Its music transmits feelings of melancholy, reflection, despair and existentialism.

Athemesis has 1 Demo, 2 EPs and 3 Singles, it is currently in the process of its first album.

Athemesis has participated in important festivals nationally and departmentally, some of them have been Altavoz Internacional 2018 (15 Años), Festival Internacional Rock Comuna Seis, Metal Medallo, Cali Gothic, cataloged as band category A in the auditions of Ppcultura , supporting band in the tour Corazón Oscuro of the Mexican band Anabantha , and sharing scene with representative bands of the city as Tenebrarum , Massacre , No Race , Witchtrap , Terra Sur and Aggelos and some international ones like Six Feet Under, Angeles Del Infierno, The Adicts, Papa Roach and Adven Of Bedlam .

Andrea Puerta Bernal (Vocals), ex-Gnosi(Voice).
Bernhard ( Guitars/grunts).
Deivi Gonzales ( Guitars/voices).
Basthian Velez ( Bass/voices).
Juan David Cano ( Pianos/keys/grunts), Infernal(teclados), ex-At Infinitum(teclados).
Cesar Quintero (baterista)

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