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Cali Sucia, Punk, Cali.

Cali Sucia, Bandas de Punk de Cali.
Rock Concerts: Cali Sucia in Toque De Peste Mutantex in Cali.
Rock Concerts: Cali Sucia in Residuos Del Virus 2 Palmihell in Palmira.
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    This group of Sucio Punk was born from the streets of Cali, Colombia.

    Lyrics and video of Matarlos A Todos


    Un dia como hoy nace: Julietta Ocampo (vocalista, 1994-10-21) de la banda Eternal

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Diijoma a great Cacique, avid and without precaution
The path of the boa, imprecise traveled
Helpless was left to see a meandering baby
Vestige of his spirit that slipped from his forehead...

(Ayahuasca - Sierpe)

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Banda Corps Sans Organes

Corps Sans Organes

Death Metal(Bogota)

The name of this band is in French for: Body Without Organs. Corps-sans-Organes (CsO) is a Death Metal band formed in Bogotá, Colombia, in 2011.

Its members are: Jeisson G. Ospina (Guitar and voice), Camilo Castañeda (Bass) and Sander Bermudez (Drums). Its first short album was produced by Sound-Tech Studios under the name of: The Deleuzian Century Vol. 1 (2012).