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Cruciatus, Deathgrind (hategrindcore) , Medellin.

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Cruciatus, Bandas de Deathgrind (hategrindcore)     de Medellin.
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    Cruciatus is a Colombian DEATHGRIND band created by drummer Rudolf Forero in 2009, with the idea of wanting to torture with hate everything that damages the world; and his lethal weapon would be extreme, raw, strident, forceful music, with social messages, contestants and reactionaries, regardless of whether it is to everyone's liking, for shouting raw realities without censorship, in a violent, radical way, wild and irreverent.


    The word CRUCIATUS comes from Latin and means pain or torture (Crucio - I torture).

    The first members of the band agreed to this name because of the force transmitted by dead languages and because it is an ancient word; It is used to refer to suffering, which is totally consistent with the theme of the songs.


    The band is characterized by the rawness and violence in their songs, which go from being extremely fast to being slow or from being technical to being simple, but, still, conserving all its power; what has given him a good reception from the public.

    From the beginning the band has explored different sounds, mainly, with mixes of Brutal Death Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore, Crust, Noise, Hardcore, among others. Which makes the band's genre a little indefinable; however, it could be understood as a DEATHGRIND.


    The lyrics are an essential element of the musical identity of CRUCIATUS that reflect pure misanthropy. They point out taboos and controversial issues such as: rejection of bullfighting, extermination of stray animals, massacres of animals for the consumption of the human ghoul, poaching, animal cruelty in every way, pedophilia, sadomasochism, sexual deviations, sexual exploitation, sexual tourism, prostitution, criticizes the use of drugs, the use of alcohol, cigarettes, criticizes drug trafficking, judicial injustice, the pathetic and deplorable health system, criticizes political corruption, genocides on the left and on the right, terrorism of the guerrillas and paramilitaries in Colombia, criticizes the tyranny of the new world order established by Zionists and Freemasons, the fallacies of the badly called religions, the hypocrisy of all those sects and all the crimes they have committed in the name of their (s) deity (s).


    Due to the criticism of the society, which makes the grouping, an uncertainty has been generated about the guidelines that the band follows, however, there is no specific line, since each member has their own perception of the world, their ideologies and his individual inspiration that he brings to the team; Although it should be noted, that in several aspects, the same positions or ideas are shared.

    Ideology could be defined as: the desire to shout to the four winds everything that the band hates in this world that is constantly degenerating and losing values.


    The symbols that CRUCIATUS uses are generally about torture and pain suffered by humanity for its own decadent actions.

    Under the band's logo you can see the phrase COLOMBIA xHxGxCx , this not only symbolizes the sense of belonging and love that its members have for their nation, but also expresses the name with which the members baptized his music: HATEGRINDCORE (raw noise with a lot of hate).

    HATEGRINDCORE can be seen by its acronym: HGC separated by 4 X . These X have a similar connotation of the Straight edge movement and mean rejection and hatred of:

    1st X I hate the vices that degenerate to humans, mainly drugs.

    2nd X I hate sexual aberrations, promiscuity and sexual abuse.

    3rd X I hate animal cruelty and the destruction of nature.

    4th X I hate political corruption, injustices, genocides mainly in Colombia and barbarism in the name of sects misnamed religions, etc.;

    The 2 Siamese men screaming in pain, forming in the middle of them the naked torso of a dismembered woman, again symbolize the pollution of nature caused by these genetic phenomena and sexual exploitation.

    The 2 men with gas masks symbolize wars, political corruption, the genocide of sects and tyrant rulers.

    Misanthropy Medellín as the word indicates is a current of thought based on rejection for everything that degenerates to human beings, the deep hatred for human decay that has emerged in this city where the band resides.


    CRUCIATUS has launched several musical works and videos, has participated in multiple concerts, sharing stage with national and international bands with which

    Rudolf (bateria), Cancerlumia(bateria), ex-Human Decadence(voz), ex-Innominatam(bateria), ex-Necroticos(bateria).
    Juan Carlos Henao (guitarra), Cromlech(Guitarrista, Voz), ex-Masacre(guitarrista), ex-Tenebrarum(Guitarrista, Voz).
    Ferley Giovanni Gallego (Bajo Y Voz).


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