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Dantalian, Black Metal, Pasto.

Activa, Namtaru Records

Dantalian, Bandas de Black Metal de Pasto.
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    In the time when men get corrupted with the words of the Nazarene, emerge from the bottom of the abysm those who shall destroy the plague made by god and will impose the laws of the master DANTALIAN.

    At south of Colombia in the year of 2002, it was born a project of Bestial Black Metal which it was called Dantalian. The mix between the trajectory that the guitarist Mantus have had with different black metal bands in the past, added to the chords of Asrail became the angular stone of the project, the compositional work inspired in black metal bands with aggressive styles, made a lyric perspective that will show the voice of Namtaru, and a tendency tours and sounds continuity full of speed in the percussion work of Banshee. So, This way the band started a song composition process with a dark and pagan philosophy that fights against the movements that pretend to exalt the lies disclosed by the chistianism.
    Within the next years the work of Dantalian was forced to stop momentarily due to the fact that some of the members established in different cities of the country and sometimes in the world, making with this situation that one of the members Asrail leaves the band.

    In 2006 the members of Dantalian get together again and after a few live presentations, decided to record a promotional demo Promo 2006 with only one tack from which they only get 50 copies. In 2008 Dantalian decided to go to Stereomatik Studios, a professional recording studio to work on his first album Dark Empress (A Tribute to Ereshkigal). The recording process of this album has been satisfactory due to the quality of the sound and the results had been exellent. It is expected that this album will be launched in 2009. This year because of the live presentations, Dantalian included Cesar Franco in the bass, an experienced musician who was had a big trajectory playing with differet Colombian metal bands and the guitarist Daimonos who previously worked with some of the members of Dantalian in altern projects.

    This is how a new band is formed, pretending to make a forceful musical attack leaving a big and important mark on the metal scene

    Avernal Sitri Moon (Bajo, Guitarra), Bitru(Guitarra, Voz), Cabra Negra(Voz, Batería), Reptile(Voz, Guitarra), Melej(bajo).
    Namtaru (voz)
    Daimonos (bajo)

    Letra y video de Children Without A Soul
    Letra y video de Colombian Black Metal Attack
    Letra y video de El Cristo Enfermo
    Letra y video de El Poder Del Elegido
    Letra y video de Mi Digno Suicidio
    Letra y video de The Andes Monster
    Letra y video de The Serpent Plants
    Letra y video de The Vine Of The Dead


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