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Ekhymosis, Thrash Metal, Medellin.

Activa, Psychophony Records

Ekhymosis, Bandas de Thrash Metal de Medellin.
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    Founded by Juan Estebán Aristizabal (Juanes) and by Andres Garcia Celis , Ekhymosis started as a band from thrash metal heavily influenced by American bands like Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax .

    The band changed their style to pop, rock in 1994 with the release of their second album Ciudad Pacifico until their first separation in 1999, when Juan E. Aristizábal (Juanes) began his solo career as a pop singer under the name Juanes and became a great commercial success.

    In 2012, the bassist reformed the band with a new line-up focused on the sound of his first recordings.

    Ekhymosis is an evocation of the past, it is a classic in the history of national metal. His marked influences recalling bands as important as Metallica, Testament, Slayer, and grouping together a whole symbology from his word, which means hemorrhage .

    Some time back its members decide to dissolve the group, and after fourteen years sailing in silence, they decide to write a new episode, which comes with great force from the hand of this phrase: The Giant Boy Returns , working intensively to recover the lost sound of national metal, and above all to recreate the sounds that were once part of National Thrash Metal in Antioquia.

    The band Ekhymosis returns with great force, rescuing its original sound and its founding members.

    Ekhymosis seeks to continue the path that was traced, interpreting his old repertoire of heavy rock on his recorded albums loaded with unique and national sounds from 1992 to here. From Fog and Heat to the Giant Child and those who also seek to create new sounds for new ears with the unmatched sound of Ekhymosis .

    Andres Garcia Celis (bajista), ex-Masacre(bajista).

    Letra y video de Condenado
    Letra y video de Solo


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