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Espectrum, Black Metal, Medellín.

Activa, Ah Puch Records

Espectrum, Bandas de Black Metal de Medellín.
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    Espectrum is a band of Black Metal of the city of Medellin, Colombia and it was created by Lord Equimanthor .

    Lord Equimanthor (Voz, Guitarra), ex-Misanthrope(guitarra), ex-Oscuridad(Voz Adicional).
    Sobce (baterista), Ghoulish Pain(baterista), Storm Of Darkness(baterista), ex-Egaheitor(baterista), ex-Amortys(baterista), ex-Mysticism(baterista).
    Anathema (bajo)
    Forhek (guitarra)
    Snagof (teclados)


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