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Evil Darkness, Death Metal, Grindcore, Armenia.

Activa, Label: Brutalized Records

Evil Darkness, Bandas de Death Metal, Grindcore de Armenia.
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    In January of 2005 Jonathan Peña ex guitarist of Carnal and Amputated Genitals joined to Luis Javier Arias in order to create a blasting band with more speed and technique.

    Their First show was on March of 2005 in Armenia, Quindío (Colombia) where Brutalized Records proposed them to record and produce the first Evil Darkness full length.

    The band continued appearing on some shows in cities like Pereira, Armenia and Calarca.

    By that time Jonathan Peña was doing guitars as also the drum programming, and Luis Javier was on vocals.

    At the end of 2005 the band started the recording of their first full length called Dark Blasting Tongue under the label of Brutalized Records from Pereira, Colombia.

    Due to some invitations around the country the band started looking for a bass player for Evil Darkness, So the band called to Daniel Paz (Ex Purulent, Ex Ethereal, and actual bass player and founder of Amputated Genitals) to join Evil Darkness.

    So the line-up for 2006 was conformed by Jonathan Peña on guitars, Luis Javier Arias on vocals and Daniel Paz on bass and drums programming.

    In January of 2007, the band decided to start looking for a drummer in order to increase their shows level and complete the band once and for all. Then, Mauricio Marin (Goreinhaled and Ex Carnivore Diprosopus) joined to Evil Darkness and started performing on drums in cities such as Cali, Bogotá, Pereira, Neiva, Manizales, Armenia, Palmira and some others.

    Mauricio Marin was forced to go back again to Spain for working so, Evil Darkness changed again its Line-up with Sander Bermudez (Ethereal, Ex Soulburner, Ex Carnivore Diprosopus, and actual drummer for Cuentos de los Hermanos Grind) as a new drummer for Evil Darkness.

    With this the new line up the band performed some shows around the country such as the Bogotá Grind Death Fest 5, Bogotá Grind Death Fest 6, Extreme Metal Fest and some others, on that time the band was living in Bogotá, but sometime after the band moved again to Armenia and Mauricio Marin returned to the Evil Darkness on drums.

    At the end of 2009, the band entered to the studio in order to record their second full length called Malignant Supremacy under the label of Brutalized Records with an excellent production and diffusion around the world.

    The official date for the second CD launch of Evil Darkness was on February 8th.


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