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Fertil Miseria, Punk Hardcore, Medellín.

Activa, Label: Independiente (sin Piedadrecords), Radikal Punkore

Fertil Miseria, Bandas de Punk Hardcore de Medellín.
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    Fertil Miseria is a band of Colombian Punk , it was founded in the year of 1990 in Medellin and has female members and a male guitarist. Its Punk and his social proposal has managed to set foot in several cities throughout Colombia as well as outside it.

    This Colombian band has already reached more than two decades in which it continues to carry a message Punk social critic achieving participation in a large number of festivals and being the bearers of a message in which they expose their help and social commitment, working even with the population displaced by violence. It is worth highlighting some of the festivals of which the band Fertil Miseria has taken part, among which are:

    Festival Altavoz de Medellín
    Festival Rock al Parque de Bogota
    Festival Grita Rock of Manizales
    Festival Galeras Rock of Pasto, Colombia
    Festival América Grita of Ecuador
    Festival Quitu Raymi of Ecuador
    Festival Wankawilka Raymi of Ecuador
    Destiny Fest of Costa Rica
    Euro miseria Tour 2012 (Poland, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria.)

    Fertil Miseria has shared the stage with Colombian bands, among which are:

    Cromlech , Tenebrarum , La Pestilencia , Polikarpa y sus Viciosas , Masacre , Gp , Infesto, BSN, IRA , Dexkoncierto, Shout, Nobody, Ron Daymon, Mojiganga, Caliber 38, Danger, Disarmament, Dementia and The Suziox .

    And international bands like:

    Exodus, Boikot, Los Muertos De Cristo, Argies, Leuzemia, Notoken, Samael, Bio Hazard, Hammer, Teatromocracia, Demonio Tallan, Apatia No, Ruido De Odio, Jaime Guevara, Kreator, Oi Polloi, Camiada, Criatura.

    His record production has been varied and consists of 5 recordings in cassette format, two EP works, two compact discs and even a disc in vinyl format:

    And also the participation in national and international compilations:

    América Es Bella
    La Flema Innata De La Sociedad
    The Best Of The Colombian Punk
    Grito Anti Taurino
    Colectivo Acción y Reacción
    Seres Humanos Vivos En Contra De La Dominación

    Latidos De Ciudad(2007)

    Vicky Castro (vocalista).
    Juan Londoño (guitarrista)
    Carlos Durango (guitarrista).
    Piedad Castro (bajista).
    Edwin Cortez (baterista).


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