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Flying Spirit, Heavy Metal, Bogotá.

Activa, Independiente

Flying Spirit, Bandas de Heavy Metal de Bogotá.
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    Flying Spirit is a group from Bogotá of heavy metal founded in 2008 with his first name ?Slang? changed to Flying Spirit in 2011. The history of Flying Spirit begins when Sebastian Cediel and Müller Figueroa formed a band called ?Slang? and recruited bassist Arturo Figueroa and guitarist David Garcia, who at that time toward the role of rhythm guitarist and singer ,but began to have trouble singing and playing at the same time after a time the idea of having a fifth member, Slang began to look for a singer, after several hearings decided to choose Wilson Alvis, young singer that was a study partner of Sebastian Cediel and Müller Figueroa and so was the first alignment of Flying Spirit which at that time was called ?Slang?. Began to work with the local city hall of Tunjuelito, doing small concerts in schools, parks and small bars, giving to know, not as a heavy metal band but as a band of glam, thus having same some events with Pentatónica rehearsal rooms, Kratos rehearsal rooms and Biohazard rehearsal rooms.

    After working together for 2 years, the bassist Arturo Figueroa began to have some instability by issues of gender tastes between him and the rest of the band, after many problems Arturo Figueroa decides to withdraw from the grouping by new employment opportunities, thus leaving the space of the bassist that was quickly replaced by Juan Duarte, but unfortunately the instability continued the rhythm guitar and former singer David Garcia withdrew for personal reasons, giving way to the search for a new talent, which for a time not managed to achieve, it was decided to leave the formation of the group with a single guitar but after a long time they realized that it was necessary to another guitarist that support the guitarist Leader Müller Figueroa, was so knew Sebastian arrows who filled the expectations of the group thus giving continuity to the band that work with this alignment a year more.

    Soon after began to exist problems between Sebastian Cediel and Müller Figueroa which adversely affected the rest of the band until they decided to finish this project called 'Slang', each one of the members started new projects, Müller Figueroa working with a band of grunge, Sebastian Cediel start a project of thrash metal, Juan Duarte joined a band of glam, Sebastian arrows made part of several projects and Wilson Alvis was devoted to the musical studies. In September 2011 Sebastian Sebastian Cediel arrows and decide to take up the project of 'Slang' calling up to a new guitarist and a new bassist, they were Luis polishing and Daniel samia respectively who were friends of the band and by calling the singer Wilson Alvis again forming a new alignment of the band, then there arose the question, you would call again 'lang'? Would touch the gender glam? It was decided to change the genre to heavy and also decided to change the name to Flying Spirit. After some months of testing and some small events in bars, the bassist Daniel Samia withdrew from the band by issues of commitment giving space to a new bassist and at this space will change the singer Wilson Alvis who decided to play bass and sing, giving a solution to the problem, so would the current alignment, Sebastian Cediel in the battery ,Sebastian arrows in the forefoot guitar( so to speak as the two guitarists share this function), Luis polished in the rhythmic guitar and Wilson Alvis in the low and singer, taking opportunities to participate in various events such as band festivals, events in rocker video bar ,tributes etc? competing in competitions in bands where by issues of Jury were not the winning band but are among the first 4.

    In the year 2012 the band was separated for personal reasons and occupations in other projects, three years had passed since the group had not met and resumed in the year 2015 ,which three years ago was built, after these three years full of musical efforts and different alignments presents under its current shaping a new proposal of high quality in the heavy power Colombian, where are part members former Alvis Moreno, Luis Pulido, Sebastian Cediel and on this occasion are part of the new alignment the Lord Jhon Jairo Maca and David Sandoval, who with their skills and creativity brings you a great style and anger to the band. The gang comes to record in the month of August of 2015 in the recording studio R-Evolutions records, where it will be part of its first single named ?Sueños a Encontrar? and 8 musical themes more in which with the support of the producer Diego Vera and part of the whole band is achieved give end to musical production in the month of February. In this same month for work reasons the Lord David Sandoval decides to leave the project, opening the way to a new talent in which Flying Spirit is in the search, being so soon will launch their first album.

    Sebastian Cedield (baterista).
    Wilson Alvis Moreno (vocalista)
    Jhon Maca (guitarrista).

    Letra y video de Me Haces Falta


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