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Gexerott, Mystical Black Metal, Medellin.

Activa, Tribulacion Productions

Gexerott, Bandas de Mystical Black Metal de Medellin.
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    Gexerott is a black metal band from Colombia created in 2004, who are currently working with Sacred Hate Records. Gexerott is a metal band that has had the opportunity to perform on stage alongside world-class bands as Mayhem in October of 2016 in the city of Bogota .


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Amenra and Uada in Bogota, Colombia

Amenra is a post-metal and sludge doom band from Belgium, formed in 1999 in the city of Kortrijk. Its music is characterized by being intense, emotional and deeply introspective, combining elements of extreme metal with atmospheric and experimental passages. Throughout her career, Amenra has been acclaimed for her unique and emotional approach to music, as well as her energetic live performances.

Featured Albums:

Mass I: Prayer I - VI (2003): Their debut album, which lays the foundation for their distinctive, atmospheric sound.

Mass III (2005): A powerful and emotional album that shows the maturity of the band in its artistic approach.

Mass V (2012): Widely considered one of his most outstanding works, it is an album that is profound and full of heartbreaking emotion.

Mass VI (2017): Continuing his Mass album series, this record stands out for its intensity and musical complexity.

De Doorn (2021): One of his most recent albums, it shows an evolution in his sound without losing his essence...

November 19 2023

TSJUDER - Colombia 2023

Tjuder is a Norwegian black metal band that has captivated the music scene with its aggressive and powerful proposal. His music is an explosive combination of fast riffs, guttural vocals and dark atmospheres that captivate listeners from the first chord. For lovers of extreme metal, Tjuder offers an unforgettable experience full of energy and rebellion. Its songs include Djevelens Mesterverk that unleashes unstoppable fury, and Slakt with its impressive technique and overwhelming rhythm. Each track takes listeners on a journey into the depths of darkness and passion, expressing an emotional intensity that only their black metal can achieve.

Sodom in Bogota
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Sodom, Germany's iconic thrash metal band, has left an indelible mark on the music scene. Since their formation in 1981, they have delivered a musical ferocity that encapsulates the aggression and energy characteristic of the genre.

With a raw and frenetic sound, Sodom has explored dark and social themes throughout their career. Their best albums include Agent Orange (1989), a thrash milestone that fuses speed and rawness with provocative lyrics. Persecution Mania (1987) is also essential, with anthems like Nuclear Winter.

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Threshold End from Colombia!

I Am Morbid is a death metal band that has made its mark on the scene since its formation in 2017. With iconic members who were once part of the legendary band Morbid Angel, I Am Morbid has kept the flame of death metal alive over the years. Their lineup includes David Vincent (bass and vocals), Tim Yeung (drums), Ira Black (guitar), and Bill Hudson (guitar). The experience and musical prowess of these veteran musicians come together to create a sound that is an ode to the mighty legacy of Morbid Angel.

Among the most important albums of I Am Morbid is I Am Morbid, released in 2018. This album contains updated versions of Morbid Angel classics, performed with renewed ferocity and high-quality production. Songs like Maze of Torment and Rapture demonstrate the band's ability to capture the essence of original death metal and take it to the next level.

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