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Gnosi, Symphonic Metal, Itagui.

Activa, Label: Independiente

Gnosi, Bandas de Symphonic Metal de Itagui.
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    Gnosi is a band of Symphonic Metal, born in Itagüí, Antioquia in 2014. The band wants to expose their position, thoughts and criticism regarding the actions and problems that human beings face.

    Its musical style is mainly based on the combination of metal with symphonic music, adding musical elements typical of Colombian and Latin culture. Emanuel Ocampo, Lucas Ocampo, Juan Potes, Tomás Londoño, Gopal León and Sara David are responsible for this trip.

    Emanuel Ocampo (Guitarra Y Voz), Sforzando(guitarra).
    Lucas Ocampo (Pianos).
    Juan Potes (bajo).
    Tomas Londoño (baterista), La Falsa Sensacion De Avanzar(baterista), Heloise(baterista).
    Gopal Leon (guitarra), Lord Thanatos(guitarrista).
    Sara David (Voz Principal).


    Un dia como hoy nace: Haggen Werwolf (vocalista, 1986-01-28) de la banda Dark Wisdom

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