Goretrade, Brutal Death Metal, Pereira.

Last Updated: 08 hours, June, 04, 2020. Spanish version. Currently Activa. Label: Sevared Records.
Goretrade, Bandas de Brutal Death Metal de Pereira.
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Goretrade is a band created in Pereira, Colombia by CÚsar Vera and currently headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Have almost 17 years of career and quite a few tours that include visits to more than 15 countries and in the most important festivals of extreme metal throughout the world.

Goretrade has 4 albums 2 demos and are currently working in the fifth album for the 2016. The band has worked with several of the major labels to underground level throughout the world and has achieved recognition both at the local, national and global levels through his dedication and great putting in scene.

The sound of the band could be defined as a strong and vigorous, but digestible, based in the school of the 90's, and slightly mixed with the new contemporary school of death metal, thus establishing a balance that has led to the band to the stage with the best extreme metal bands.

Julian Gil Monroy (guitarra), Evenlost(guitarrista), The Scum(bajista), Genetic Error(guitarrista), Ingrand().