Guerra Total, Black Death Thrash Metal, Bogotá.

Last Updated: 12 hours, April, 17, 2020. Spanish version. Currently Activa. Label: Satanath Records.
Guerra Total, Bandas de Black Death Thrash Metal de Bogotá.
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Guerra Total is the continuation of Eternal Drak band formed in 1997 but in 2002 changes to the current name and the line-up was: Demonslaught: bass and vocals (Eternal Drak, ex Satan Scourge, ex Necronslaught, Zar) and Wunderweapon: guitars (Necronslaught, ex Dissolution). They worked hard to find the perfect sound with the idea of pure metal without any fashion, pure Speed, NWOBHM, Black, Horror and Psychobilly with lyrics based on zombies, terror, horror, war, atheism and misanthropy.

Demo Tormento Nuclear in March.

Recorded 'Hellfire' for the compilation '25 years of black fire' tribute to sabbat from japan under the label Pure Steel Rec. from Germany.

EP 'zombie thrash horror' under the label Funeral Rain Recs. from Canada.

In January came the Split 'nuklear metalkoholik attack' under the label Devil's Blood Prod. From France.

Split Guerra total/ eternal drak under the label Funeral Rain Recs. from Canada.

CD 'Zombie Nuklear Division' , under the Mexican label American Line Prod.

The same work was reissuedl in late 2010 by the label Infernal Kaos Prod. From South Korea.

Recorded 'Souls of Warrior'
(Metalucifer cover)' on 'Heavy Metal Hell - A Tribute to Metalucifer' Skol Recs. From Poland.

CD 'Más Allá de la Tumba' Released by Iron Shield Rec. From Germany. was remastered in Vintage Mastering in Germany. they have worked with: Revenge (can), Bewitched (swe), Nocturnal Breed, Profanatica, Ancient, Primordial, Necrophobic, Avulsed, Sodom Etc.

CD 'Más Allá de la Tumba' Released by American Line Prod. From Mexico.
3 more releases TBA.