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Holyforce, Heavy Metal, Bogota.

Activa, Label: Trinity Records

Holyforce, Bandas de Heavy Metal de Bogota.
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    This is a heavy metal band from Bogota, Colombia created in 2006 under the name of Paradigma, with the direction of Alexander Piraban Guillen carrying an instrumental proposal and launching his first production called El Reino de Fuego.

    In 2007 they changed their name to Holyforce , a change that also influences their sound; The result of this is the album Symphonia de la Noche, an album with musical influences from Hard Rock and Progressive Rock.

    It is until 2008 when it was decided to include a voice to this concept and where Go Outside of the Hell was created, his third album loaded with the sounds of Hard Rock.

    Specialized stations of this type of music in the Colombian territory would be in charge of positioning God Gave The Rock N Roll in the first places of their lists for some time.

    The band was nominated for Best Hard Rock Ensemble Of 2008 at the Vertical Music Awards.

    In 2009 comes his fourth production Mi Mundo Ideal, a more current sound without leaving aside Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with Alternative Rock tints.

    Alexander Piraban Guillen (Guitarra-coros).
    Fabian Alberto Galindo Tiria (voz).
    Ukoriad San (Teclados-guitarra-coros), Arkhanon(Teclado-coros), Eufonia(Teclado), ex-Abandon Light(Teclado-coros), ex-Albatroz(Teclado-coros).
    Andres Villegas (Bajo-coros), Fire Dragon(Teclado-coros).
    Juan Herrera (Bateria-coros), The Godless(bateria), ex-Guerra Total(bateria), ex-Cronomorf(bateria), ex-Vacua(bateria)

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