Horncrowned, Black Metal, Bogota.

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Horncrowned, Bandas de Black Metal de Bogota.
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Horncrowned born in the year of 2001 from the join of Demongoat (Guit.) and Blast_phemer (Vox.) with the firm purpose to create the most fast and pitiless Black Metal from Colombia; purpose to which join forces Bombardier (Drums) in the 2002, months later Diabolium (Guit.) and at last, InfernAK-47 (Bass). With the force complete, Horncrowned begins to create his style and gains his own identity. Afterward a gigs series n Bogotá and one in Barranquilla, placing the band in a outstanding position like the most aggressive within the scene, Horncrowned enters in Hellcult Studio to record his first attack, named ¨The Rise of Satan´s Artillery¨, soon to launch.