Innerhate, Death Metal Contemporáneo, Manizales.

Last Updated: 18 hours, August, 12, 2020. Spanish version. Currently Activa. Label: Veterans Records.
Innerhate, Bandas de Death Metal Contemporáneo de Manizales.
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As time went by, the sound of Innerhate became more mature and developed a style of its own, which characterizes its current sound, a fast, aggressive and technical death metal...

Ivan David Buitrago Torres (bajo), Pseudopathological Vivisection(Bajista, Vocalista), ex-Luciferian(bajista), ex-The Sky Is The Reason(bajista).
Jose Fernando Ramirez (guitarra Lider)
Juan Manuel Mora (guitarra Ritmica)
Juan David Ramirez (voz)