Ira, Punk Hard Core, Medellín.

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Ira, Bandas de Punk Hard Core de Medellín.
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I.R.A. (Acute Respiratory Infection) is one of the punk bands more important in Colombia. This band is formed in Medellin, Antioquia from the year of 1985 and the responsible for the birth of this band is David Viola (vocals, guitar). The meeting was presented with a few friends of David at the time that already left the band some time ago. I. R. A. is one of the bands with more history and transcendence in Colombia, a true example of record based on the punk culture. Its experience has earned it even to make a large number of tours through the United States, status that would've joined great importance, reaching a large audience throughout the world. The lyrical content of this Punk band expressed reality as society lived in a country like Colombia, which has experienced moments so raw.

I.R.A. - Barkizidio (1989)

I.R.A. - Barkizidio (1989)

In its beginnings back in the year 1985 this band called S. I. D. A. (Dirty And Untidy Anarchists), and the band at that time consisted of:

Original Line-Up of S.I.D.A.

Viola - voz
Yoryi – batería
José Juan - guitarra
José R. – bajo

I.R.A. - Atentados Terroristas (1991)

I.R.A. - Atentados Terroristas (Terrorist Attacks - 1991)

Their essays as a band began in the fourth in a house, where due to the discomfort of all its neighbors caused by high levels of noise, were expelled almost instantly, not to mention the chaos that generated all friends and relatives to the band. S. I. D. A. then begin to be carried out hours of test in one of the first studios for this kind of music in the city of Medellin, where consistent with the quality standards of the time, the sound quality left much to be desired, but that kept the band working together.

One of the things that always characterized to I.R.A. during all these years is the content of a social nature that comes printed on each one of their songs, forcing the listener to ask a question, to adopt a gesture of reflection and awareness; everything has served to complete more than three decades as a punk band.

I.R.A. - Impotable Diversión (1993)

I.R.A. - Impotable Diversión (Untreated Fun - 1993)

I. R. A. has had a prolific recording incursion, which highlight their 11 productions in recording studios, 14 compiled from those who have taken part. More than 15 music videos, documentaries, video concerts, tours throughout Colombia, the United States, South America, Central America, and has been invited on countless occasions in very important concerts and in various music festivals. As punk that is capable of generating a trend, I. R. A. has received several awards and is a very important band in the punk scene of the world.

I. R. A. has been co-producer of the first documentary made independently of a punk band of Colombia entitled: "Impotable Diversión (Untreated Fun)", and has pulled off a book to the market of autobiographical character of a Colombian band called: "I.R. A. La Antileyenda", the first book commemorating their three decades of artistic career " Aguante I.R.A. Treinta Años De Punk (Keep it up I.R. A. Thirty years of punk" and the first book of Punk in Colombia: "Punk Medallo". It has also changed the format of a punk band to be able to interpret acoustically, and is the first time that this was done in Colombia. All these achievements make this punk band of Medellin one of the most heard of the continent.

Ira - Cronicas De Una Decada Podrida (1996)

Ira - Cronicas De Una Decada Podrida (Chronicles of a Decade Rotten - 1996)

I.R.A. Concerts

In the concerts of the most important fact that has part I. R. A. are: the Rock al Parque Festival (Bogota) in their editions of the 2005, 2009 and 2014 years. Altavoz Festival of Medellin in editions for the years 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010. The Ibague Ciudad Rock Festival VI in the years 2008 and 2014. Cali Underground Festival. Señal Radionica Concert 2011. Manizales Grita Rock Festival in 2006 and 2010.

Monica Moreno (Baterista).

Un dia como hoy nace: Santiago Martinez Cely (bajistas, 1990-08-04) de la banda Cercenated

Letra y video de Mi Punk Amor

Un dia como hoy nace: Santiago Martinez Cely (bajistas, 1990-08-04) de la banda Cercenated