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La Derecha, Rock, Bogota.

Activa, Label: Independiente

La Derecha, Bandas de Rock de Bogota.
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    La Derecha was born in 1992, when they went by names like La Rata Poética and La Secta .

    Their name was born after a fight at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, the one in which they were victims after a night in which they were chatting.

    Alice and Contra La Pared are two songs that gave life to this rock band and that would be published later in an anthology called Nuestro Rock.

    After a presentation at the TPB (Teatro Popular de Bogotá now disappeared) in which they served as an accompanying band of Loco 7 (by the dancer Federico Restrepo), also as a band of auction at the sewer Film Festival Show a View and doing touches (concerts) in bars where in those days they risked introducing Bogota rockers in their establishments, This is how La Derecha records its first album.

    This album was produced by Richard Blair , whom they met by chance doing sound engineering for Toto La Momposina at the Jorge Eliecer Gaitán theater, and who after a year of Work would publish the first album of La Derecha in 1994, with songs like Laguna Azul, Ay que Dolor, Paraiso Congelado, Sin Catalogar, and some others.

    La Derecha participates in the first three festivals of Rock al Parque and during the decade of the nineties they served as supporting act for some foreign rock groups that would come to visit Bogotá at that time.

    Panelo (Carlos Esteban Olarte) retires from La Derecha while his other members dedicate themselves to the task of producing their second album Baby Bullets and Other Lullabies published in 1996. Album containing songs like: Sombras, Nada Te Va a Corromper, La Rubia Sideral, Si Te Busco , and some others. As this album was promoted, the tragic news of Panelo's death occurs, shocking the entire group and the rock scene in Colombia.

    At the end of 1997, La Derecha decided to take a break of several years, since it would not be until 2011 that this Rock band would return to play and continue their work.

    Mario Duarte (vocalista).
    Camilo Daza (teclados).
    Juan Carlos Rivas (bajista).
    Francisco Nieto (guitarrista), La Pestilencia(guitarrista), 1280 Almas(guitarrista).

    Lyrics and video of Ay Que Dolor
    Lyrics and video of El Punal


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