Luciferian, Black Metal, Armenia.

Conciertos de Rock: Luciferian en Mutilated Records Presenta Release Fest en Pereira.
Conciertos de Rock: Luciferian en Blasphemer Sound en Bogota.

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Luciferian, Bandas de Black Metal de Armenia.
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Luciferian is a black metal Colombian band founded by Hector Carmona in 1996, Armenia-Quindio .

In 1999, the band launches a promo named Place of the Final Throne , reaching a good diffusion in its fans.

In the year of 2003 Luciferian is summoned to play next to Marduk (Sweden).

In the month of November of 2004 and July of 2005 year, they would record the disc Supreme Infernal Legions , great record material with which they receive very good critics of part of specialized pages of metal music.

In 2006 they made the tour Supreme Infernal Legions Tour 2006 in South America (Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and Argentina), seven countries in 3 months, 26 concerts, with two initial dates next to Dark Funeral (Sweden) in Peru and Colombia.

In 2007 Luciferian is summoned to appear next to Incantation (United States), Gorgoroth (Norway) and Krisiun (Brazil) .

In the month of October 2008, the Luciferian Perversion, South American Tour tour will begin in a presentation next to the famous Mayhem (Norway) Quito, Ecuador, were 18 large presentations in 2 months for Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

In the year 2009 Luciferian is called to appear next to Naer Mataron (Greece) .

In 2010 Luciferian is invited again to play with Nargaroth (Germany) .