Mental Apraxia, Brutal Death Metal, Calarca.

Last Updated: 09 hours, April, 02, 2020. Spanish version. Currently Activa. Label: Coyote Records.
Mental Apraxia, Bandas de Brutal Death Metal de Calarca.
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Mental Apraxia is a band of extreme metal created by Alex and Juan Carlos 'Masgren' in February of 2001, as a response to the need to make metal after more than 10 years as fanatics of this genre.

In 2004 Ivan joins to the pool to make great contributions thanks to his long career as musician. Musically, Mental Apraxia runs a Brutal Death Grind sound with elements of Death Metal of the decade of the 90's and the speed of the beginning of the 2000 year.

This mixture seeks to create a musical catharsis in the listeners. From the point of view of the lyrics, Mental Apraxia rejects, understands and expresses through his lyrics all forms of mental and physical manipulation created by man for the same man. Using real and fictitious facts.

Mental Apraxia is also addressing common themes that have somehow affected the human being since its inception: religion, politics, and the physical and psychological part.

Also in their lyrics can be easily understand this type of issues despite the use of metaphor as a literary instrument as this you can return an item too subjective to express an idea.

Juan Masgren Artehaga (bateria), Mindly Rotten(baterista), ex-Eternal Chaos(baterista), ex-Hells Kitchen(baterista).
Alex (guitarra)
Ivan Ramiro Arenas (voz)