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Mistyfate, Melodic Death Metal, Cali.

Inactiva, Decade Records

Mistyfate, Bandas de Melodic Death Metal de Cali.
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    MistyFate means Uncertain Destiny which is the path that takes man to find its own destruction.

    MistyFate had its first concert with a band called Masacre which was a complete success. At the end of 1997 MistyFate released their first Promotional CD under the name of Valley Of Tears, it had 6 songs. MistyFate had many concerts in Colombia.

    In July 1999 MistyFate releases their first CD entitled Embracing The Death that had 9 songs with excellent sound and presentation. It was produced by Decade Records. MistyFate started touring in Colombia and through South America and started to gain popularity in the whole continent.

    The Line-up at that time was:

    Andres Cortazar (Guitars)
    Alejandro Caldas (Vocals)
    Leonardo Rodriguez (Guitars)
    Christian Montenegro (Bass)
    Fabian Aguirre (Drums)

    After this, vocalist Alejandro Caldas and our first drummer Fabian Aguirre (Currently drumming for Malevolent Creation) exited the band because of traveling reasons. Freddy Olave (drummer) and Julian Castillo (Currently vocalist for Guahaihoque) joined the band and MistyFate started touring again.

    Also for traveling reasons guitar player Leonardo Rodriguez exists the band. Later on Fito Satizabal (currently guitarist for Legend Maker) fills the spot and joins MistyFate. With new drummer, guitarist and vocalist in the line-up they composed new songs for the upcoming album which was released in 2001 under the name of Breath of the End also with Decade Records. This album was among the Best albums in the History of Colombian Death Metal.

    The Line-up at that time was:

    Andres Cortazar (Guitars)
    Christian Montenegro (Bass)
    Julian Castillo (Vocals)
    Fito Satizabal (Guitars)
    Freddy Olave (Drums)

    After recording, Christian Montenegro left the band for traveling reasons and was replace by Christian Bermúdez (ex Remose, ex Sagros, ex Moonchlid s Prophecies), who has participated in others projects beside Julian Castillo. With this new Line-up, Misty Fate starts the south American tour called Embracing South America, where share stage with bands like Kranium, Mortem, Crimson Death, Distorsion. Subsequently the Band moved to United States to explore new frontiers and expand even more. Unfortunately Julian Castillo, Freddy Olave and Christian Bermudez stayed in Colombia.

    Fabian Aguirre and Alejandro Caldas which were living in The United States rejoined MistyFate and did a few Concerts in Florida including a concert In New Jersey at The New Jersey Metal Meltdown. MistyFate played with bands such as Rotting Christ, Overkill, Behemoth, Nile, Deicide, Amon Amarth and some more bands from different countries.

    Later on Fabian Aguirre and Alejandro Caldas exited the Band and started their own projects. At the end of 2005, Jose Santa Maria (vocals) and Rafael Ramirez (drummer, ex-Secrecy) joined the band and gave MistyFate a touch of aggressiveness to the band but still sound very melodic. Since then, MistyFate has played many concerts in South Florida and have written many songs. MistyFate is very solid now and its here to stay. They just finished recording some of the new material and are releasing this Promotional CD Entitled >em>Ashes of Silence.

    Misty fate and Andres back again to Colombia for personal reasons. He and some old friends (Julián Castillo y Christian Bermúdez) gather together to prepare new promotional tours in this country.

    At this time, Misty Fate has incorporated new members that made new musical and creativity contributions to the band. In the Drums, Giovanny ?demolt? Arce, who was a session musician of bands like: Atanab (Cali), Battle (Bogota) y Guahaioque (Cali), and participated in many concerts with bands like Litugia (Manizales). In the rhythmic guitars, Sergio Gaviria, actual member of Sagros, an ex-member of Thyoneus (Cali).

    Now. .. we are ready to smash some craniums, blow up some eardrums, and burn up some souls for metal gods?.from Cali with all aggression, hate, despair, sadistic performance ?wait for us... because DESTRUCTION IS OUR ESSENCE...

    ?Only Pain is, was and will be another signal of our disgrace?

    Cristian Montenegro (bajo), ex-At Dusk(bajo).
    Rafael Ramirez (bateria), ex-At Odds With God(baterista), ex-Secrecy(baterista).
    Sergio Sagros (guitarra), Sagros(Guitarrista Vocalista), ex-Acratas(guitarrista), ex-Thoyneus(guitarrista)
    Andres Cortazar (guitarra).
    Jose Santa Maria (voz).


    Un dia como hoy nace: James Rey (vocalista, 1984-05-24) de la banda Templa In Cinere

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