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Nameless, Death Doom, Cali.

Activa, Demonic War Cult Productions

Concerts: NAMELESS in Fedearpaz Risaralda in Pereira.
Concerts: NAMELESS in Armenia Metal Forces in Armenia.
Concerts: NAMELESS in Palmira Metal Fest in Palmira.
Concerts: NAMELESS in Denial Of God En Colombia in Bogota.
Nameless, Bandas de Death Doom de Cali.
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    In 1992 four people met in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, to worship the Death Metal. Samir and Diego (guitars), Julián (drums), and Miguel (vocals), converge musically and shape what would become known today as the Colombian band Nameless.

    A new type of Death metal that is reflected in the demo-essay The Open Gore (3 tracks), released in 1993.

    Nameless - Threshold Of Doom ( 2013)

    Nameless - Threshold Of Doom (2013)

    In 1994 Nameless is Alex (bass), and Robinson (drums).

    In September of that same year the demo The Dome of Doom (3 tracks) was released, which aroused some interest in the underground scene.

    Its next recording was the Ep Across the Threshold , released by the Trauma Recs record label .

    In 1996, this EP receives good critics from magazines and labels in various parts of the world.

    Meanwhile, Nameless tours Colombia performing concerts, gaining more followers of this sound.

    In the year of 1998, after some problems that postponed its continuation on the national scene, Nameless returns with two new members: Juan Carlos (guitar), and Edwin (bass).

    In June of that year Nameless returns to the stage opening for the North American band Master, and plans great plans for his future as a band. However, a strange car accident ends the projected ideas of Miguel, who was the vocalist and leader of Nameless, who died in July 1998.

    In 2000 Nameless had a new vocalist, Alejandro, and entered the studio to record his long-awaited debut on CD.

    And it is under the Insane Recs stamp that Dirge is published. This album shows well-crafted Death Metal, with melancholic nuances, and full of hate.

    While the band was concentrating on this recording, Edwin dies (bass). This is no longer strange for Nameless, as death seems to haunt the band's trajectory.

    Alex returns as a bassist. For 2001, Byron assumes the role of vocalist, and in March of that year he shares the stage with the German band Destruction . During the following years, Nameless dedicated himself to compose new material, and to tour Colombia participating in different concerts and festivals throughout the country, spreading his hatred and melancholy.

     Massacre - Under the Sign of Violence (2006)

    Massacre - Under the Sign of Violence (2006)

    In 2005, new members are recruited into Nameless: Jose (voices), and Pamela (bass). Nameless's strength secures them on stage alongside the Norwegian band Carpathian Forest in July, and after this, in November with the English Napalm Death.

    Nameless also participated in the tribute to the Colombian band Masacre , released by the record label Hateworks. A band that has always shown that it would still stand.

    Letra y video de The Fable
    Letra y video de The Lost Forgotten Epinishion
    Letra y video de The Remembrance
    Letra y video de The Sadness And The Wrath


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