Nebiros, Black Metal, Medellin.

Conciertos de Rock: Nebiros en Conmemoracion 3 Decadas Extremo Lucifero Black Metal en Medellin.

Last Updated: 19 hours, March, 24, 2021. Spanish version. Currently Activa. Label: Necrolust Records.
Nebiros, Bandas de Black Metal de Medellin.
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Nebiros is a colombian Black Metal band formed in the year of 1990. At that time the original alignment was Sacrilegus (vocals), Feretrus (guitar) and Black Satan (drums), a first original formation which would begin to write the more blasphemous and supernatural Black Metal, it insulted the Christian world decadent of today.

Nebiros Album.

As all pioneers in the current Black Metal movement, the first of its creations came in the form of a demo tape recorder that was recorded from February, 16 to 28 of 1991. A first demo which was commissioned faith burn the darkest day. Hail Lucifer, after a large number of events malignant, Sacrilegus would be killed a day, then to devote a full life in the service of Satan.

Dominus Saevitum would lead to this Colombian Black Metal band recruited as the new drummer of Nebiros, being expelled Black Satan. The following blasphemy was ready to came out, an EP with seven tracks of profanity.

Nebiros Album: Guerreros de Lucifer (Lucifer s Warriors).

Sacrilegus, Dominus Saevitum and Feretrum continued a war against the Christian faith, a battle that declared the Colombian Black Metal against the religious faith and all lambs of God. A bloody war where their Angeles would be tortured by all means of their profanity satanic. Nebiros will stop for a while, and although Feretrum abandoned this Colombian black metal band Nebiros would not dwell, warriors errant always remained close, and it was in this way as Dominus Saevitum spit on the christian faith.

The current formation of this black metal band Nebiros is Dominus Saevitum (drums), Bael (voice, guitar, bass) and Maleficiere Te Deum (session bassist). The true power of the present hell.

Bael (Vocalista, Guitarrista, Bajista), Presagio(Vocalista, Guitarrista), ex-Erzebet(guitarrista), ex-Satanachia(guitarrista).
Dominus Saevitum (baterista).

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