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Nekromantie, Ultra Metal, Medellin.

Activa, Label: Madman Productions

Nekromantie, Bandas de Ultra Metal de Medellin.
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    In the mid-eighties, with heavy and speed metal invading the world, a musical proposal called Nekromantie was processed, consisting of: Norman (bass), Viking (bass), Q.E.P.D., Carlos (drums) and Sergio (guitar). Musically influenced by bands like Slayer, Kreator, Death Angel, Sodom, Exodus, Metallica and Motorhead, they started playing music with a hard sound.

    Through the film Rodrigo D No Futuro they would achieve a great diffusion with their song Existencia Putrefacta, dedicated to all metalheads and to the movement that they themselves would call Metal Medal.

    In 2016 Nekromantie records Holocausto de Guerra, without losing its characteristic essence since mid-eighties.


    Un dia como hoy nace: Julietta Ocampo (vocalista, 1994-10-21) de la banda Eternal

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